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Logward Global Logistic Software

Brought to you by industry and technology experts from Hamburg to Bangalore.

Our cloud platform services shippers and freight forwarders by integrating and connecting the stakeholders in their supply chain. Most of our customers partner with Logward as a digital 4PL or LLP platform, but the features in our modular clouds can be used singularly and standalone as well.

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Logward Sourcing Cloud
Sourcing Cloud


Gather all incoming and outgoing purchase orders in one single place

Save money by consolidating P/O’s to transports efficiently

Integrate with your suppliers and customers​ and more

Logward Procurement Cloud
Procurement Cloud


Maintain all rates and tenders in one place while also accessing the spot market

Visualize allocated capacity that has been agreed to with carriers in advance

Forecast future needs and spending with less effort and more accurate data

Logward Transport Cloud
Transport Cloud


Visualize transport from deciding on routes to booking to tracking delivery

Gain data underlying transport decisions, like emissions, risk, and time

Optimize processes by connecting with authorities and managing documentation

Industry leaders choose Logward to create their own one-stop solution for supply chain automation.

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Choose between different solutions for your needs.


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