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Allocation Management Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator for Oceanfreight Transportation

Welcome to our innovative ROI Calculator, designed to showcase the tangible benefits of integrating our cutting-edge Allocation Management technology into your logistics operations. By leveraging this tool, you´ll discover the optimization potential of your resources, enhance customer satisfaction, and effortlessly boost your bottom line.

The inner workings of our Calculator

How It Works:

The process is straightforward – input your annual shipping volume in TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) and your customer price per TEU. Our calculator handles the rest, providing you with a precise estimation of potential savings.

Calculation Assumptions

Our calculations are based on carefully considered assumptions to offer realistic and achievable results.

We assume an allocation adherence of 65% and a booking rejection ratio of 35%. Our goal is to significantly increase allocation adherence and decrease the booking rejection ratio within the first 12 months, aiming for best-in-class results within 36 months.

Market Price Updates

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of the industry, we stay ahead by integrating the latest market prices. Our calculations are refreshed every two weeks, aligning with the Drewry World Container Index to ensure accuracy and relevance.

Continuous Improvement

We understand that achieving optimal results is an ongoing process. Our solution evolves with your business, allowing for continuous improvement potential over 36 months. This ensures sustained growth and efficiency gains, positioning your company for long-term success

Why Choose Allocation Management

The sea freight market has historically been subject to dynamics from uncontrollable influencing factors, but will continue to be so in the future. During volatile, short markets (e.g., during the pandemic), the focus is on maximizing allocation fidelity for 3PLs and enforcing allocation with ocean carriers. 
In extended markets, like today, the solution targets cost optimization through rating and routing guides while balancing regional allocation fulfillment. It's all about achieving cost efficiency and strategic operations.

Allocation management  -
a perpetuum mobile?

It adapts seamlessly to short-term volatility and long-term market demands, delivering efficiency and value and helps to find an optimum within these dynamics and to make continuous adjustments.


Our calculator demonstrates the potential for substantial savings, proving that investing in Allocation Management is an investment in your company's financial success.

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