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Transportation Management

Control all cargo transport data

Visualize transports with real-time data through reports and dashboards to choose the optimal routes, make new bookings or track deliveries throughout the globe.​

Access important underlying data such as carbon emissions throughout a transport, risks involved in the regions where the transport passes through and transport times.​

Optimize various processes involved in the transport by coordinating with authorities at each step and managing documents seamlessly in an online central repository.

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Transportation Management

Managing the physical movement of your cargo and its corresponding processes



Transport Execution
Transport Monitoring
Transport CO2 Calculation & Reporting
Transport Non-Conformance Management
Transport Document Management
Time Slot Management
Freight Cost Management

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Companies reduce detention & demurrage with Transport Visibility


Transport Planning


Transport Booking


Transport Monitoring

Logward customers using Transport Solutions.

Get Alerts about Extra Costs

Tracking each shipments and crucial milestones such as “ATA” and “gate out POD” alerts logistics professionals about potential extra costs. Logward provides information about D&D tariffs and the proactive caretaking team resolves delayed shipments.​

Reduce Costs

Next to an improved time-to-market time and less-tied working capital companies significantly reduce extra cost like detention and demurrage.

Cut Costs for Performance

While reducing extra costs, logistics professionals can also better track partner performance and improve their carrier relationships, as well as reduce re-work ratio.

The customer chose this tailored solution to achieve their goals.

Order Management

Managing your supply and suppliers

Sales Order Management

Purchase Order Management

Supplier Management

Order Consolidation

Order Tracking

Supplier Integration

SKU & Warehouse Integration

Whitelabel Customer Portal

Logistics Procurement

Managing your supply chain costs

Freight Rate Management

Request and get Spot Quotes

Freight Tender Management

Plan Procurement Scenarios

Freight Rates Benchmark

Allocation and Capacity Management

Rolling Forecasting

Integration with Booking Agents

Open Capacity Finder

Transportation Management

Managing the physical movement of your cargo

Transport Planning

Transport Booking

Transport Monitoring

Time Slot Management


Risk Management

Non-Conformance Management

Customs Clearance

Document Management

Transportation Management Lead

You manage all types of transport effortlessly, customizing the setup to your needs and gaining clear and detailed visibility at every step. You optimize time and expenses, both in the pre- and post-planning phase of your supply chain operations.

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