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Free Online Sailing Schedules

Selecting the right schedule by integrating with Allocation Management helps avoid unplanned costs, like demurrage charges or rebooking trucks costs.

With this freebie you can search all carrier schedules in one centralized place.

Integrate with Allocation Management to ensure optimal resource allocation and efficiently tackle shipping demands.

The integration adds comprehensive benefits, so you will:
- Gain unparalleled visibility into booking schedules
- Improve relationships with carriers by leveraging accurate and real-time data
- Ensure that every resource is utilized optimally and increase savings

Your FAQs

Sailing Schedules provide real-time information on ship departures and arrivals, helping you plan and manage your logistics efficiently and ensure on-time deliveries in the global marketplace.

Logward’s free schedules freebie gives you an idea of how easily alternative routes can be observed and analyzed. You can search sailing schedules for your cargo in the same way you look for flights. You can read more here: https://www.logward.com/post/sailing-schedules-and-a-freebie-for-that

Logward’s tool provides access to schedules from a wide range of carriers, including major shipping companies and freight forwarders, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of available options. Here are a few examples: ACLU, ECUI, HLCU, MSCU, NAQA, ONEY, WWAI, YMLU.

Yes, the tool is powered by BlueWater Reporting, the search engine intelligently analyzes and understands 234 global carriers’ own language to provide seamless communication between them.

Yes, to learn more about this solution, you can ask our experts: https://www.logward.com/contact

It’s very easy to use. You only need to select a couple of information and you’ll be able to search for schedules the same way you do for your holiday flights.

Here you find a step-by-step guide: https://logward.tawk.help/article/sailing-schedules

By using Logward’s Sailing Schedules you gain greater transparency in supply chain operations, and the tool helps with accurate shipment planning and to reduce the risk of delays.

You can ask our experts: https://www.logward.com/contact

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Logward Sourcing Cloud
Order Management


Gather all incoming and outgoing purchase orders in one single place

Save money by consolidating P/O’s to transports efficiently

Integrate with your suppliers and customers​ and more

Allocation Management


Gain data driven insights from performance monitoring and make informed decisions with reduced risk of errors enhancing
overall effectiveness of allocation strategies.

Identify and secure available transportation resources promptly thereby, meeting cargo transportation needs.

​Maximize utilization of available capacities by informing booking agents on how and where to place bookings in compliance
with tender commitments.

Logward Transport Cloud
Transportation Management


Visualize transport from deciding on routes to booking to tracking delivery

Gain data underlying transport decisions, like emissions, risk, and time

Optimize processes by connecting with authorities and managing documentation

Logward Procurement Cloud
Logistics Procurement


Maintain all rates and tenders in one place while also accessing the spot market

Visualize allocated capacity that has been agreed to with carriers in advance

Forecast future needs and spending with less effort and more accurate data

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No-code customization for your supply chain.