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Allocation Management

Complete visibility and capacity management

Gain data driven insights from performance monitoring and make informed decisions with reduced risk of errors enhancing
overall effectiveness of allocation strategies.

Identify and secure available transportation resources promptly thereby, meeting cargo transportation needs.

​Maximize utilization of available capacities by informing booking agents on how and where to place bookings in compliance
with tender commitments.

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Navigate through market chaos

Allocation Management

Managing your capacities



Carrier Allocation Management & Monitoring
Rolling Volume Forecasting
Transport Planner
Weekly Allocation Planning
Routing Guide Generation

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Optimize, evolve, and thrive with our Allocation Management solution – your gateway to unlocking efficiency gains and financial savings.

Companies reduce freight costs with Allocation Management


Less Rejections


Less Spot Bookings


Avoided Costs

One of the world's biggest chemical companies managing about 200K TEU globally.

Unlock Efficiency

The solution helped break down long-term volumes into weekly routing guides, share volume forecasts with carriers, instruct booking agents and provide full visibility.​

Reduce Rejection

This leads to better carrier relationships and ultimately, a significantly-reduced booking rejection ratio and less internal workload.​

Boost ROI

The ROI is a reduced necessity to spot-ship cargo via airfreight, LCL or expensive FCL market rates.​

Logistics Procurement Lead

You plan your cargo allocation capacities and bookings through data-driven insights. With Logistics Procurement features you also manage rates and spot requests easily. You take better decision and thereby save on any additional costs.

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