Our Vision

Our Vision to move your cargo, through our tools and professional services

Our Vision

Logward envisions a future where companies run their trade, from raw materials to outbound products, all in one digital platform. As a result, logistics technology products shift from moving goods to enabling that trade, and Logward will be at the center of that.

This new paradigm begins with data from different sources being integrated in one platform, placing it in a common format. Once the underlying data of supply chains becomes more visible, global shippers can move their efforts away from execution and focus on strategy and planning.

What could supply chain leaders achieve if they weren't stuck in the day-to-day of finding transports, filling out paperwork, or wrangling messy data? They could be strategic leaders - helping decide where and what to produce, solving product quality issues, accessing new consumer markets, and heading sustainability efforts.

Our vision is a future where supply chain departments lead the transformation of their industries, instead of simply transporting it.

"Logward improves companies' relationships with their logistics partners and customers by integrating them in one centralized platform."

Our Mission

Build great software.

We use cutting edge technology to deliver an intuitive interface, fast performance, and next level experience. The tools that we build are advanced and excellent.

But a software can only be as good as the people who build it. Our technology experts come from a variety of industries, but all believe in constant learning and improvement.

Move a lot of containers.

Global freight forwarding is in our DNA. We argue with each other over which ships have the highest capacities and take photos almost every time we pass the Hamburg port. And our aim is to be involved in as many shipments as possible.

We take handling cargo seriously, and obsess over getting “ship” done.

Change mindsets.

Freight forwarding and supply chain aren't often billed as the most dynamic industries, but we're ready to tell the world otherwise.

Within each and every company is a department that could and should be leading their organization into the future.

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