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Free CO2 Calculator for Logistic & Transportation

Sustainability meets efficiency. The free CO2 Calculator for cargo transport is a catalyst for optimizing the environmental footprint while streamlining logistics operations.

Calculate now carbon emission outputs from freight transport and shipping to quickly compare route and transport mode options.

Seamlessly integrate the CO2 Calculator with Logward Logistics Procurement, Order Management and Transport Management to:  

- Foster collaboration with transport partners and automate scenario planning by setting sustainability targets and achieve competitive freight rate reduction

- Identify consolidation opportunities early and integrate them into the transport planning phase to optimize transports

- Simplify CO2 emission calculations for all transport modes while identifying enhancement opportunities

- Make informed, data-driven decisions by incorporating CO2 emissions calculations into your procurement and planning phases

Co2-Calculator for shipping Your Questions and Answers

Logward’s CO2 Calculator is a free tool that helps you quickly and intuitively calculate the carbon footprint of your transports, so that you can compare different options and choose the most environmentally friendly route and transport mode.

Yes, the CO2 Calculator on the website is free, and very easy to use. Plus, you can receive detailed reports straight to your inbox just by submitting your email address.

It’s simple: you start by selecting the mode of transport, and possibly Pre-Carriage and On-Carriage modes; then you just need to add a few shipping details and click “Calculate” to get your carbon footprint.If you wish more details on your CO2e footprint you can get a detail report by hitting the corresponding button.
Here you can find a step-by-step guide of how to use the CO2 Calculator: https://logward.tawk.help/article/co2-calculator

Yes, Logward’s CO2 Calculator allows you to compare carbon emissions across all modes of transports - sea, air, or road - helping you choose the most environmentally friendly options for your shipments. You can calculate for different modes and then compare the results.

Logward’s tool provides a user-friendly way to make better choices and make your supply chain more sustainable.Additionally, the calculator can be integrated with Logward’s Transport features to have advanced Business Analytics. If you want to know more about this, you can reach out to Logward’s team of experts here. https://www.logward.com/contact

Definitely! The results are accurate because the CO2 Calculator is powered by EcoTransIT and built on a GLEC (Global Logistics Emissions Council) approved methodology supported by scientists and industry associations like BSR.You can read more here: https://www.logward.com/post/introducing-our-free-co2-calculator

The CO2 Calculator can be integrated with Logward’s Transport features to get a complete overview of your carbon footprint, including e.g., total produced CO2, a breakdown of emissions based on carriers or transport mode, and emissions over time. This will help you analyze historical data and improve planning for future transports.

You can optimize routes, consolidate shipments, and use eco-friendly transport options. Additionally, you can explore partnerships with carriers committed to lower emissions and monitor your progress to make continuous improvements.

You can ask our experts: https://www.logward.com/contact

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