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June 6, 2023


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Coming to America - Announcing the Opening of a new Office in Jersey City

“Almost everything worthwhile carries with it some sort of risk, whether it's starting a new business, whether it's leaving home, whether it's getting married, or whether it's flying in space.”

- Chris Hadfield, Astronaut

To add to the quote above one may say that taking risks and stepping out your comfort zone are the steppingstones to growth. Today, business growth is being driven by digitization leaving no business and no industry untouched. The supply chain industry, formally considered a non-tech savvy industry, is also dipping its toes into digitization. This continuous demand for “digital” supply chain management solutions that have an impact in real life has fueled Logward’s global expansion.

In 2022 Logward GmbH & Co. KG, German Indian providers of Supply Chain Software, founded Logward Inc., their US-American subsidiary with a first office location in Jersey City, New Jersey. This allows Logward to be present in a similar time zone to Americas-based customers and enables them to maintain a smooth service in the region. It is also a perfect opportunity for the company to extend existing businesses and gain new ones in the American market. Also, it gives the Americas-based customers’ logistics teams the same hands-on Customer Success experience as the European colleagues. Moreover, with today’s chaotic freight markets, in which time resources are more valuable than ever, better physical proximity to customers enriches Logward’s solution, which offers decades of experience and passion to solve customer problems.

Despite being a tech company, Logward understands very well that tech alone will not solve customers' challenges. What makes Logward unique is a combination of technology and customizable supply chain management solutions that can be quickly tailored to customers’ needs and are easy to integrate with chaotic and fragmented business ecosystems.

The demand for visibility, predictability and automation often comes along with lack of transformational resources. To understand such customer requirements even better and help companies in Logistics Procurement, Order Management and Transport Management, Logward has decided to have Mr. Alexander Schoeps on board, taking responsibility as Logward’s Managing Director, USA.

Alexander Schoeps - Logward US Managing Director

Alexander Schoeps spent his professional career with industry pioneers such as Dachser and Leschaco. At Leschaco, he was responsible for operations in Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, and USA. For the last 3 years, Alexander has been living in Mexico City and has travelled across the Americas region for work. He is well-connected within the Supply Chain industry and with his expertise he will help Logward’s customers benefit from digital solutions such as customizable Control Tower, Order Management, Transport Tracking, Allocation Management.  

When asked “what motivated you to join Logward?”, he said, “I have been following Logward since it was founded and to be part of such an agile, modern and value-creating company was enough motivation for me to say “yes”. I like to challenge myself and to work together with Logwardians to grow the business in the US is both challenging and exciting at the same time! Developing the right solution together with customers to reduce their supply chain pain points is always a different challenge but at the end of the day we have also something in common: We all want to be more cost-efficient while increasing visibility for better planning."

The Logward family welcomes Mr. Schoeps.  

Generating cost savings and increasing efficiency and visibility remains Logward’s commitment in 2023 and further – this mission is now supported by physical presence in the US. Logward is happy to further grow the service teams to continuously generate value for customers.

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