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June 25, 2024


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Logward Customer Day

Logward hosted its inaugural Customer Day on February 20th, 2024, in the picturesque city of Cologne. We extended invitations to our clientele, gathering them in Cologne to engage in a day of collaborative dialogue with the Logward management team, aimed at fortifying our shared vision and further nurturing our customer relationships.

The event commenced with a warm welcome from Logward’s CEO, Jonas Krumland, and Chief Growth Officer, Michael Wallraven, as they greeted guests from prominent organizations such as BASF, CrossStaff, Lanxess, Evonik, Melitta, and Leschaco. It was uplifting to see our customers come together, creating an environment where they could share industry insights and experiences.

The day proceeded with Jonas guiding our customers through an exciting journey of our product roadmap. He detailed the upcoming enhancements to our solutions, designed to elevate performance and cultivate a more intuitive user experience. Additionally, he outlined Logward’s strategic initiatives and vision for FY-2024, underscoring the positive impact on our customers and their businesses.

Subsequently, Logward’s VP of Customer Success, Raphael Triemer, introduced The Logward Academy to our guests.

What is the Logward Academy?

The Logward Academy will launch in 2024 for users, admins, and implementation partners. It features digital courses and reference designs for Logward’s Supply Chain Execution apps that will unlock the full potential of the platform and enable customers for tailor the reference apps to their needs or even build their own apps within the platform.

The evening culminated in the prestigious Logward Supply Chain Excellence Award ceremony, with Melitta Europe deserving accolades as the recipient of the coveted trophy.

In retrospect, the day marked our commitment to fostering robust customer relationships and enhancing their experience with us. We valued the invaluable feedback received from our customers, which will guide us in refining our services and optimizing user experience. Overall, it was a day brimming with camaraderie, enriching conversations, and discussions on the future landscape of the supply chain industry.

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