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October 16, 2023


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April 2023 Product Update

This is what you will find new on the Logward platform:

PDF Generator

Account admins can create templates for Purchase Order Tables helping users generate PDF reports for any object in that table and for invoices. Admins have also customization and branding options.

Save time with Logward's easy PDF Generator
PDF Generator

Improved Allocation Forecasting

In the last issue you discovered how shippers can forecast allocations through the platform and view the deviation between the actual allocation and the forecasted allocation on a quarterly basis. Now, they can also bulk upload forecast data simply from spreadsheets. This increases efficiency and reduces data errors. Admin users are also able to set role permissions for using the Allocation Forecasting functionality.


The Audit feature allows you to see information about any change in data with respect to what, when, who or for. The Audit Page in each row inside the table object has information for all fields. This helps in understanding any changes to the data made by other users. But, what there is any easy way to see the audits for all these fields?

In the table view, next to each row, there is a symbol (i) to check the audit of that field. All you have to do is hover over this symbol. For example, if you want to see the audit for the "Gate in POL" field, instead of going to the Audit Page and searching for the "Gate in POL" field, you can hover over the symbol (i) next to the field in the table to get the audits for "Gate in POL". This is also possible in Grid View by right-clicking on a cell, which opens a popup. You can then click on "View previous values" in the popup to view the audits for a specific field.

This helps you save time and quickly determine any changes in the data.

Information on data changes - Logward
Field Audit in Table View

Information on data changes - Logward
Field Audit in Grid View


This month's functionality that makes it easier for you to manage your orders is Smart Consolidation.

What if multiple purchase orders could be combined into a single transport order based on the destination city or the type of goods just with a single click? Imagine the costs and the time you could save with each shipment every month, every quarter, every year.

This is possible with Logward's Smart Consolidation functionality. With this functionality, you create an object based on conditions such as same zip-code or same city or same customer etc. on the platform. This will automatically consolidate all the purchase orders that fulfill the common condition into one transport order. Thereby, helping you save costs, optimize transports, and reduce carbon emissions.


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