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September 14, 2022


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Your Supply Chain is a Work of Art

It seems like forever ago, yet before the COVID-19 pandemic, museums were physical centers of cultural life. One could go to a museum to explore history, art, science, and much more, removing oneself from the day-to-day by connecting with the perspective, work, and emotions of others, past and present.

Photo by Lisa Rusalskaya

Yet not all of us want to put the effort into understanding and appreciating the paintings of Ernst, the pillars of Ashoka, or the fossil of Sue the Tyrranosaurus rex on our own. This is why museums came up with a variety of options for visitors.

When taking in Picasso's Guernica, the Museo Reina Sofía in Madrid offers you the option to appreciate it yourself (perhaps with the help of wikipedia), listen to pre-recorded audio through headsets, or follow an expert guide. They all come with a different price tag, but the result is that every visitor is able to experience the painting, and the rest of the museum, in the way that best suits their preferences.

Allow us to be tacky. Your supply chain is also a work of art. So we designed Logward to give you the same experience, delivering the best product we can while enabling you to interact with it according to your needs.

When working with Logward we offer you the following options.

Logward as your Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

Our team of logistics experts handles your issues, offering a single point of contact for resolving exceptions. You tell us what you want, and we make it happen, serving as the driver and coordinator of your supply chain.

Logward logistics model

Once you’re up and running, you can focus on your core competencies and let us do the dirty work. Think of us as the museum guide who spent a lifetime studying art history and is more than willing to answer your question on why the horse in the painting "looks sad."

The trucker hasn’t arrived on time and you want to know where they are? We’ll chase them down. Apparently there is an issue with the bill of lading and the carrier requested clarification? Our customer success team will tackle it right away. You need to ship a container to Dammam but don’t have any contracted rates? We can put you in touch with a few 3PLs to find an option.

Logward as your digital 4PL

Our software serves as a communication channel, while your trusted partners (3PLs/2PLs) manage your supply chain. Logward is a medium for integrating and coordinating with stakeholders, picking-and-choosing where you want to go


Logward logistics model

You'll have the flexibility to both keep your trusted partners focused on your day-to-day issues and assess performance, adding new providers or solutions as needed. Logward is there, facilitating and procession information as needed, like an audio tour you can pause or skip forward with as needed.

That trucker is nowhere to be seen? Your chosen 3PL picks up the phone and enters the new arrival in Logward. The bill of lading isn't quite right? The 3PL gets straight to solving the issue and uploads the corrected version to our platform. Your container to Dammam arrived later than expected? Logward's performance dashboards let you know that maybe it's time to look for a new 3PL or carrier.

Logward as your Control Tower

You run the show, and our software is there to help you stay informed. Your experts are on top of the big picture and the details and we are there to facilitate visibility.

logward logistics model

Logward is connected to your stakeholders, yet you're in charge of entering the necessary information and staying on top of shipments as they progress. The museum is yours to explore and you can spend four hours in the antiquities collection or fast-walk to the gift-shop.

Where is that truck? Your experts get a hold of the driver and let them know where to go. The bill of lading is a mess? Someone from your operations team re-enters the correct information. The shipment to Dammam is ahead of schedule? You let your customer know to expect an early delivery.

museum goers
Photo by Alicia Steele

Even though the interactions with the museum exhibits are different, the result is the same. The school group with the tour guide, the couple sharing a headset, and the professor of paleontology, all leave the museum with their minds, and hopefully their hearts, expanded.

By giving our customers options that suit their supply chain design, we hope to do the same. Our software can deliver a lot of value, yet it doesn't achieve anything if we don't meet our customers where they are.

Logward is a Hamburg & Bangalore based logistics technology company.

We build software, move containers, and change mindsets.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, reach out to mail@logward.com. Or you can book time with one of our logistics experts here.

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