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October 16, 2023


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TMS from the next Generation

This aspirational customer letter guides our product team in building software that you'll love

Dear Logward,

I am writing this letter to show my appreciation for your wonderful TMS product. We want to give a brief testimony on how it affected our supply chain performance and how it helps us improve our operations

At a high level, our visibility for shipments has increased tremendously. Through MyShipments' expert mode, we could quickly filter the shipments that we needed to know about most. With your amazing reports, we have started gathering accurate and valuable KPIs.

The tracking feature of MyShipments has proven to be crucial in order to know what is happening in our orders. We know when actual events are happening, and we monitor closely the performance of each step. Then internally, we try to come up with ways of increasing these performances.

Through your kick-ass integration team, we managed to send our transport orders directly to you automatically from our ERP system. Our internal IT team is very satisfied with your quick responses and adaptability. Also, onboarding and user setup took less time than expected.

The customisability of your system blew our minds. We are used to competing software trying to come up with standards and weird structures that really don’t fit our requirements. You, however, have managed to build our structure and workflow exactly as we wanted through your schema-based technology. And we’re not afraid of changing, as changes literally take a couple of minutes to be done!

The customisation further includes automatic email / EDI triggers, which get sent to the proper 3PL / authority. If there is something that is important in freight forwarding, it is communication, and you’re absolutely doing it right!

With your custom workflow setup we have defined clear to-do's that need to be filled at a specific point of time for our shipments. This has enabled our supply chain team to quickly focus on tasks that are important and not waste time entering extra data. Through MyCockpit, we are always informed of the most important to-do's and list all the shipments which need to be worked on.

Exception management is actually manageable at Logward. We get informed immediately when a certain unexpected behaviour occurs. We can also filter out the delayed shipments, and with your color coding, we know how to prioritize exceptions. If we need it, your caretaking team does a wonderful job easing this for us.

This is just scratching the surface. We are an advocate of Logward, and we look forward to a long-term partnership. We believe in your vision and gladly give you the authority to model the future of supply chains worldwide.

Cheers to an amazing 2021! May this be an even better year for us all.

Best regards,

your loyal Customer.

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