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October 17, 2023


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September 2022 Product Update

Greetings from grey (but-still-charming) Hamburg with some cloud-y news! I am Logward CEO Jonas Krumland, and I am happy to share with you a major milestone that Logward has reached in its product roadmap: self-service user sign-up – a functionality that simplifies supply chain automation.


Staying true to our vision of all shippers streamlining their supply chain operations through strategy and by using one single platform, we created a self-service sign-up for Logward’s App. In a few steps, you can create an account for yourself and your organization. Does your company already use Logward and you want to join in? You can also join your company's platform. Start by clicking Sign Up below.

Logward Sign-up



After signing in you will be asked to select which cloud(s) and respective features your organization is interested in. You may select one, two, or all three clouds for your setup. Our system will save your preferences and alert Logward’s team to reach out and support you in the setup. Click the image below for more information about each of our clouds.

Logward Clouds


Logward is evolving, and to properly explain our product and offering, it was time for us to completely overhaul our website. Our new design doesn’t just look good, but it highlights the new cloud offering focused on bringing your logistics operation together under one platform and helping you improve relationships with partners across your supply chain.

Logward new website


The Bulk Importer, previously enabled only for Logward’s team, is now available to users. You can import data directly from the toolbar, then map columns to keys, and save your mapping as a reusable template. You can also check your import's status in the "Tasks" section and the details of your import in the "Activity" section.

Logward Bulk Importer


We had a full summer at Logward, and the updates above are only some highlights of our past months. Here’s a quick look at what else made our bright and sunny season:

- Our tech experts Ankish and Yash helped us learn more about how Logward’s data pipeline and data analytics bring value to our customers.

- We got to know better our team members Assaad, Implementation Manager, and Manjunath, Lead QA Engineer. From their professional background, to their current role at Logward, and their hobbies.

Logward at LACS 2022
In July we attended LACS 2022, the most important exhibition of paints, inks, and coverings in Latin America.

Logward workation
In August our Tech Team in India went on a workation to learn more about Sales and Marketing and, of course, share some adventures!

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