September 2021 Product Update

We are continuously working to improve our product for you, and we want to regularly inform you of our newest features and improvements that are at your disposal. In September, we focused on updates to how users can interact with Bookings within our Data Management.


Select bookings to watch so that you receive emails and notifications for any comments or updates to the booking.

watch shipment bookings


Leave comments and notes for your colleagues, who can opt-in to receiving notifications of your comments as noted above. You can come back to edit or delete the comment later.

comment on shipment data objects


Send booking details via email to any of your colleagues directly within Logward. You can also use this feature for spot quote requests with your transport partners, as noted in the example below. Customize the message, attach additional reports, and include recipients with Cc/Bcc - all within our platform.

email shipment booking details


Quick bits:

  • Data standardization - objects such as ports and vessels are structured data fields

  • Email rich text editor - style and format customization for emails within Logward


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