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October 16, 2023


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Meet the Logwardians – Antonius

This month we had a chat with Antonius, Account Executive at Logward (and the face behind our #mondaymeme). Join us to find out what he learnt while working in Sales and what’s the most important thing for a great Salesperson. But we don’t just talk work, can you guess which language our boy from Cologne is planning to learn?


Hi Antonius, thanks for this chat. Let’s start from the very beginning - why did you choose to join Logward?

I really liked the area Logward works in: it’s a combination of the software, logistics, and startup worlds. I saw a lot of potential for my future personal development. Other reasons are that I didn’t know Hamburg that much and I had a good first impression while talking with Jonas and Tommy.


Can you tell us more about your journey at Logward?

I started working at Logward as a Business Development Associate, which back then was a pretty broad job position - I worked a lot with the Marketing, Sales, and Product Teams on various topics. I also supported Tommy and Jonas with Admin Tasks and on some Strategic projects. I then started working more in Sales and my role evolved into Sales Representative. In this role I was responsible for reaching out to potential customers, setting up calls for Jonas and attending events to network with other people in the industry. After about a year I moved into the role of Account Executive.

Enjoying a beer in London

What are your responsibilities as Account Executive at Logward?

My most important responsibility is listening to customers to understand their supply chain design and the challenges they face in their operations. I introduce our software and show how we could solve their problems. When they like what they see and want to test it through a pilot, I guide them through our customer journey. After understanding their processes and requirements in detail, together with the Implementation team we design the solution that best fits their needs. I'm also responsible for commercial discussions and managing the accounts once the solutions are implemented.  


What have you learnt about sales since you started working at Logward?

I had never worked in Sales before joining Logward, so I learnt a lot! I learnt that the most important thing is to listen to customers because we try to solve their problems. When they have an issue, this becomes my priority.  


What do you like most about your role?

I like that I talk to many different people, inside and outside of Logward. Learning about different industries, companies, and cultures is what excites me.

What’s next on the list of improvements for the sales team?

Next is further improving our sales process, making it more scalable. For this we’re working closely with the Implementation team, as they are an essential part of our customer journey.  

Can you tell us about your work style?

I'm hands-on I would say. I'm still quite inexperienced but I try to learn as much as I can. I’m also a team player and I’m an organized person - I take a looooot of notes.


What is one non-work-related goal that you would like to achieve in the next five years?

I want to learn a new language, probably Spanish, because I had Spanish in school for a few years and everyone in the Hamburg office speaks Spanish. Christian and I recently started talking about this because he’s also interested in learning it.


What’s your favorite thing about Cologne?

I like the people there: they are super warm-hearted and easygoing. And I love the football club, the music, and the beer from Cologne. It’s my hometown!


Antonius' birthday at Logward
Birthday celebrations in the office

What is your most German trait?

Punctuality. I hate to make people wait and I don’t like to wait.


Rapid fire:

Schlager or lo-fi music?  Schlager

Instagram or LinkedIn?  Instagram

Procurement Cloud or Sourcing Cloud? Sourcing Cloud

Burger or döner?  Döner

Office darts or chat at the coffee machine?  Office darts

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