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August 4, 2023


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May 2023 Product Update

This is what you will find new on the Logward platform:

CO2 Calculator Expert Mode

With the CO2 Calculator expert mode on, you add more parameters to your calculation, such as Speed Utilization, Load Factor, Passage Utilization, in addition to the old parameters POL, POD, Zip code and Weight. This helps get more accurate CO2 emission results for each transport mode, thereby making your business more sustainable.

Logward CO2 Calculator Expert Mode
CO2 Calculator Expert Mode

Standard Order Management Table Bundle

This feature offers you a convenient one-click solution to get a comprehensive collection of order management tables. The integration among tables enhances your workflow efficiency by enabling a seamless flow of information and simplifying your order management processes.


Check data from two different tables with no loss of focus, less clicks, and better visibility.


As a supply chain professional you work on multiple Dashboards Reports on a daily basis within our app. You optimize each report meticulously with specific filters and actions to generate a report with the exact data you want to see. And you repeat this same tedious process the next time you need the same report with those filters and actions.

What if I told you there was a way to save all these configurations?

With the Custom Views feature, you can save all these specific configurations in a pre-defined template. Once saved, you only need to click on "Views" at the top the Dashboard Reports andchoose your template to directly jump to the filtered view of the dashboard.

This helps you save time, which can be used for more strategic decisions.  

Logward Dashboard
Saving Custom Views


This month's functionality helps you simplify your tender process: Tender Management.

With Logward's Tender Management, you can request quotes from carriers and third-party logistics providers, receive rates using the smart link feature, negotiate rates, and ultimately, award the rates. Additionally, email templates created by the admin make communication with carriers and 3PLs more effective. You save time by eliminating the tedious and time-consuming process of uploading tenders manually.

Overall, Tender Management is an efficient and effective way to manage tenders providing valuable insights throughout the process.


We're happy to have been part of transport logistic, one of the leading international trade fair for logistics, mobility, IT and supply chain management. 4 days of great energy, meeting some of you in person and discussing the future of the supply chain technology industry. What a blast!

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Logward at Transport Logistic


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