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August 4, 2023


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June 2023 Product Update

This is what you will find new on the Logward platform:

CO2 Widget

The CO2 Widget calculates CO2 emissions automatically for each shipment in the table. Simply add the widget to the table and it automatically retrieves all the necessary information and provides the results making it easy to track emissions.

Track your CO2 emissions - Logward
CO2 Widget

Sidebar Configuration

Use this feature to create customized sidebars for different users/regions. It also lets you add your own shortcut to the sidebar for easy navigation.

Sidebar configuration - Logward
Sidebar Configuration


Want to make your life easier while using filters?

We've got you covered. Create a row formatting version to highlight the specific information you want to see in your filters. It's simple yet effective. Let's take a practical example to understand it better. Suppose you have a filter that mentions "Delayed ATD." To enhance visibility, you can add a field that reflects the number of days delayed. By doing so, you utilize this field to create row formatting, which allows you to assign colors based on your company's parameters. For instance, you set the range from 1 to 5 days as orange, indicating a slight delay. So, if the delay exceeds 5 days, the row formatting automatically turns delayed items red, drawing your attention to significant delays.  

By combining filters and row formatting, you efficiently manage your data and spot important information at a glance.


This month's functionality helps you reduce rolled shipments: Rolling Forecasting.

Wouldn't it be great if you could predict customer demand and and know exactly how many shipments would be required for one delivery.

Don't worry, we've got your back. With Logward's Rolling Forecasting, you can anticipate changes in customer demands, adjust your procurement strategies accordingly and make informed decisions. It ensures your business needs are catered at the right time of the year, which further helps in reducing inventory holding costs, minimizing stock-outs, and improving your supply chain efficiency.

Overall, with the Rolling Forecasting functionality you better align your business activities with reduced rolled shipments, optimize inventory levels and ensure timely delivery of products.


In the latest episode of Let's Talk Supply Chain, our CEO, Jonas Krumland discusses how the industry cannot afford to let visibility and flexibility lounge halfway down their priority list and what does and doesn’t work when it comes to digitizing supply chains in the real world.

Watch the full episode here or listen to it on Spotify.

Podcast Let's Talk Supply Chain - Logward


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