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August 4, 2023


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July 2023 Product Update

Experience Logward with these handy tips and functionalities to make your job easier!


Customize the sidebar configuration to suit your specific needs!

With our powerful feature, you manage the sidebar on a role-by-role basis without affecting other users - add shortcuts, hide unused features to streamline your workflow by considering your daily activities and identifying repetitive tasks.

For instance, if you create new orders every day, set up a direct access shortcut on the sidebar for one-click order creation. If you frequently use a filter to check deviations, create a quick access link to that filter instead of searching through tables. All you need to do is click on "Sidebar Settings", at the bottom of the sidebar, disable the quick access you don’t need and create it for functionalities that increase your productivity.

By customizing your sidebar, you'll save time and navigate the system with ease. Give it a try and enhance your productivity today!  

Before customizing sidebar configuration - Logward
BEFORE customizing the Sidebar Configuration

After customizing sidebar configuration - Logward
AFTER customizing the Sidebar Configuration


This month we talk about 2 functionalities. The first helps you manage capacity and the second provides seamless integration: Allocation Management & API Communication.

By leveraging advanced digital intelligence and real-time data, Logward's Allocation Management functionality helps you gain better visibility into your transportation processes and build better relationships with your partners. This further improves the supply chain performance and minimizes costs. Additionally, Allocation Management enables you to be more flexible and agile in responding and adapting to changing demands and market conditions. Deliver your cargo on-time at destination.

With Logward’s API Communication functionality, you seamlessly integrate different software systems with Logward’s platform ensuring easy data exchange. For instance, you can check the API documentation and based on your needs request access tokens. Once you have access you can make API integrations helping you work more efficiently. It empowers you to automate various tasks such as retrieving real-time shipment data, creating and managing transport orders and accessing documentation. Overall, it provides a simple way to set up interaction in your entire software ecosystem.


Recently, Logward's CEO, Jonas Krumland, dived into various industry topics on Thoughts And Coffee with Sarah-Barnes Humphrey from Let's Talk Supply Chain. It was a great exchange with Sarah about the future of the supply chain industry. What a blast!

Watch the replay here.

Jonas on Thoughts and Coffee with Sarah
Jonas with Sarah from Let's Talk Supply Chain


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