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August 4, 2023


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January 2023 Product Update

Dear Supply Chainers and Logistics Experts,

Happy 2023 to all! I’m Jonas, CEO at Logward, and I am excited to share with you new features and improvements. However, first, I would like to take a minute to look at how in 2022 our product grew to provide our customers with everything they need to enhance their supply chains and improve workflows.


We released 72 new features and improvements last year. We also grouped some features under three clouds to better reflect their value: Procurement Cloud, Sourcing Cloud, and Transport Cloud.

Alert: Features can be combined independently of the cloud they belong to so that you can create the setup that best fits your operations.

Top features in Logward's 2022 Product Updates:

January: Time Slot Management

February: Sailing Schedules matching Orders with Allocations

March: Increased 3PL functionality

April: Audits (to track who did what)

May: Improved API standards and documentation

June: New Toolbar for Data Management

July: New Clouds Product Offering

August: Bulk Importer

September: Customized triggers

October: Carrier And Freight Forwarder Databases

November: Improved Database Builder

December: Migration to Tableau

If you want to know more about any of these features, drop us a message here.

Keep reading to find out about January 2023 product updates.


More interaction and better communication with your stakeholders. With this new feature, users can share links of pages with external partners after configuring visibility settings that allow external users to see and/or edit the shared content. Plus, Logward users can then review these edits.

External links for better communication with stakeholders


The new interface helps to intuitively create and edit roles and permissions and assign them to users. Customizing roles with permissions means that companies define who can edit and see different data, at scale, based on their role within the company.

New user management UI to help companies customise roles with permissions


Further, enhancing User Management to improve collaboration with partners, admin users can define account roles, such as a 3PL role. Admin users with account roles can, in turn, create sub-roles assigning permissions from their subset of permissions.

Account access to 3PLs to improve partner collaboration


Check out our case studies to learn how we help companies like yours. Click here.

Supply chain case study to reduce late deliveries.


Anshu, Head of People and Culture at Logward, reveals what attracted her to the field of Human Resources and the lessons she has learned during her career. If she could job swap with someone else in the company, what would her role be?

Anshu Tyagi, Head of People and Culture at Logward

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