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August 4, 2023


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February 2023 Product Update

In the past weeks we have been hard at work to provide you with:


Shippers can use links to share rate or spot requests with carriers or freight forwarders. They can customize links to let external users see or modify only certain information, e.g., they can mark some fields as "read only". Carriers and freight forwarders can then fill out the requests and submit them back to shippers.

share rate or spot requests with carriers/ freight forwarders
External Links


Admin users can set data validation rules for tracking events of an object to make sure only accurate data is saved. When users try to save incorrect data, an error message appears.

Use validation rules for tracking objects of an event.
Validation Rules For Tracking


Filters are already a convenient tool, but combined with templates they become even more powerful, allowing you to see only the information you need and quickly.

Here's how you combine them:

  • First create a template with only the fields you are interested in (for example, forwarder reference, carrier scac, booking number, vessel name, container number, POL, POD, ETD, ETA, and ATA):
  1. Hide the columns you don't need by hovering on the header, clicking on the three-lines icon and then the grid icon (see below)
  2. Once you have hidden the columns, go to the menu bar and select "Save Template" under the View tab.

This template can be set as a standard template when a certain filter is selected. In our example, the filter could be "missing ATA". This should be approved by admin users and implemented by Logward.

  • Activate filters: in the menu bar click on "Format", select "Filter Rows", and finally the filter you want to apply.

Now you're all set to find information faster.

Set standard templates for easy information filtering.
Hide columns


This month is about Logward's Non-Conformance Management, the functionality that you need to stop leaving money on the table and improve collaboration with your partners.

Often professionals, busy with everyday issues, end up dealing with non-conformances too late, when they can't claim their rights (and money) anymore.

Avoiding this scenario is exactly the goal of this functionality. You should be updated on any unexpected event or issue, know about their status, and timely take action: easily create non-conformance cases by yourself with all information in one place or, even better, let rules create cases automatically.

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