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December 13, 2022


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December 2022 Product Update

Dear Supply Chainers and Logistics Experts,

Good day to all! I’m Jonas, CEO at Logward, and I want to thank you for joining our Product Update. While the city of Hamburg was busy setting up Glühwein-scented Christmas markets, we prepared some new features to put under your tree. Below we start unpacking them.


With the Database Builder admin users create objects for schemas. You can use standard fields or customized ones, add details to your keys, and the preview mode allows to easily edit and reorder objects. You choose the database structure that best fits your needs.

Logward's new improved database builder with customizable fields


The Carrier Database is a global repository of carriers' contact details. You can organize this database according to categories such as region or business unit.

In the Freight Forwarder Database you can add the freight forwarders that you work with. This address book can be organized based on categories too.

Carrier and freight forwarder databases with customizable fields


You can set a schedule to run automated actions. Triggers are created based on the conditions and parameters that meet your operational needs, and they can also be used as reminders for your stakeholders.

Scheduled triggers to run automated actions


By visualizing purchase orders and volume forecast per route through dashboards, the customer was able to choose cost- and time-efficient routes while planning transport. This resulted in +150,000 USD saved and improved operational efficiency in the first year. Read more here.

Increased savings by improving visibility and consolidating orders


Join the chat with Antonius, Account Executive at Logward, to learn more about his role at Logward and what makes a great salesperson. Our boy from Cologne, who is also our meme creator (check below), talks about his personal goals too.

Logward's Account Executive

Join the #mememonday conversation:

Memes for the supply chain industry

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Logward instagram account

Logward is a Hamburg & Bangalore based logistics technology company.

We build software, move containers, and change mindsets.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, reach out to mail@logward.com. Or you can book time with one of our logistics experts here.

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