December 2021 Product Update

This is Logward's Product Manager Ivan, writing this from my hometown of Skopje, North Macedonia. Despite time off for the holiday festivities last month, our team completed several product updates that I would like to share. Check it out below!


Easily visualize, plan, and schedule warehouse operations with a new time slot schema. This feature lets users organize operational hours and directly book time slots in an easy-to-use interface. Accordingly, ramps and time slots will change colors according to their status and truck drivers can interface directly with the platform.

Timeslot management Logward app


Multiple orders in multiple transports, or consolidating orders into one transport, can both be created directly in our software. This allows users to make their transports more efficient and cost-effective. Not to mention less carbon emissions, which you can calculate the difference here or on your client dashboard.

Create Transport Logward app


With any data views across our software, add actions buttons to filter, group, script, and more. It's like a custom shortcut that you can build for yourself!

Action button Logward app


Quick bits:

  • Meet the Logwardians: Oliver - read up on our Head of Customer Success

  • Data management 'collapse labels' - improved onscreen navigation and visualization

  • Section lists - pair objects many to many, multiple parents to multiple child records, and articles

  • Schema builder for internal use - operations and account managers at Logward can configure your data with simpler tools, providing faster setups and less tech resources


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