August 2021 Product Update

At Logward, our team is constantly improving our product features to make the user experience better for all our clients. Without further ado, see what we have been up to in August.

Incorporate expected carbon emissions calculations to all shipments

Customers see the carbon footprint not only at the individual shipment level but also at an aggregated organizational level. In the CO2 Dashboard, shippers get an overview of their shipments and corresponding carbon footprint with the ability to drill down based on several filters including time, carrier, forwarder, geography, and more.

CO2 emissions at per-shipment level

Shipping CO2 emissions dashboard

Search, edit, and filter shipments based on specific criteria

Pick a specific part of your schema and filter for shipments of a certain type.

Filter by LOCODE

Search and edit shipment information to eliminate endless scrolling.

Shipment ETA and ETD

Specific shipment details

Visualize schemas with a row view

Custom for any schema that you want, seeing a list on the left and the full information for the selected part on the right.

Schema visualization for oncarriage


Quick bits:

  • Cockpit - Widget functionality to customize with drag and drop

  • Freebies - Report downloads to get advanced details sent to your inbox

  • CO2 Calculator - Improved search with UI update for origin, destination, and mode


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