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August 3, 2022


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2020 Supply Chain Data Survey

Do supply chain professionals have low expectations when it comes to data, or are they simply realists? This wasn’t the question we had planned to explore during our 2020 Supply Chain Data Survey, but it is one of the questions we were left with.

In a year of challenges and unforeseen change, our central goal in running the survey was to better understand how supply chain and logistics professionals view the data they use and what they do with it.  

Does this look familiar?

The results ranged from the obvious, to the puzzling.

Our respondents spend a lot of time working with supply chain data. In fact, more than 66% report dedicating at least half of their time with data, and of that time, 63% require more than half the time to gather and clean the data, prior to being able to analyze anything.

Yet, despite all the time spent going through the numbers, 63% of respondents don’t know which of their carriers or forwarders perform the best, and 72% don’t know the CO2 impact of their shipments.  

At first pass, this combination of high investment of time and low utility does not sound like high information quality, yet our respondents rated data quality at an average of 7 out of 10.  

Hence our doubt: is this apparent paradox a question of realism, or low expectations? Explore this point, and many more insights from our 2020 Supply Chain Data Survey, by clicking here or downloading the full report above.

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