Supply Chain Management as a Service: what it means and how it works

We refer to our Supply Chain Management as a Service (SCMaaS) offering as a “rare blend of professional skillsets and experience, in both the logistics and technology domains, that creates various products and collaboration models for providing automation and visibility into companies’ supply chains”. Our software enables shippers moving cargo around the world to manage their whole supply chain from end-to-end, while integrating all of their partners.

Let’s breakdown what that means in more detail and how it works in practice.

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Putting Supply Chain Management in SaaS

SCMaaS is a derivative of Software as a Service (SaaS) - cloud-based, plug and play software that gets sold as a license and requires no download for users. It can be either used over web browser or integrated directly with companies' existing systems.

The differentiator that makes our SaaS a 'Supply Chain Management offering' is our suite of products that bring value to companies’ logistics operations. Specifically, our software does the "management”, or rather automation, of supply chain tasks and allows the professionals who use the products to focus on how their company’s supply chain can drive business strategy through the clarity and visibility provided. That begs the questions, what do these products do and how do they deliver value?

The products of SCMaaS

Our cloud platform is structured into different modules. The products below can be used standalone or all together.

Order processing

Handle all incoming and outgoing purchase orders in one place, giving your sales, logistics, and operations departments the ability to collaborate. Your order intake gets channeled through one central place while inviting your suppliers to collaborate in our platform. This effectively turns our platform into your white label supply chain portal, allowing you to

analyze down to an SKU-level.

By centralizing your order-intake, take category management to a "predictive" level by better understanding supply and demand.

Transport Automation

Automate order processing of FCL, LCL, air and overland shipments. Our workflows automate communications like bookings, invoice checks, digital documentation, proactive alerts and more, so that you can focus on exceptions. Within the same platform, you can check airfreight and ocean schedules, place bookings, and interface directly with customers and transport partners. While your cargo is in transit, you can track delivery statuses for all of your orders and get live alerts down to the single item level.

Transport Automation illustration

You can even use Logward as your Transport Management System (TMS) as we integrate with ocean carriers, airlines, trucking companies, rail operators, customs authorities, warehouses, and more.

Rate & Tender Management

Simplify and centralize your freight procurement by mapping external rate formats to your structure or running your tenders through our platform. Design your tenders with flexibility so that you can negotiate prices and rates across all transportation modes in one standard format. This way, you can focus on reducing freight spend and improving data quality while working on your tenders.

Allocation Management

Maintain your transport volume allocation with all carriers in one place so that you can easily find open capacity and share volume forecasts with your partners.

Allocation Management illustration

From here, your volume distribution can be optimized by making best use of your allocated capacity. This particularly becomes useful in turbulent times for the ocean freight market. Reduce rolled shipments, predict potential bottlenecks, and get notified of blank sailings for all of your shipments.

Performance Analytics

Throughout these modules or integrated with your existing ERP, we collect data that can be visualized in our business intelligence suite, custom to your needs. This provides you with Control Tower oversight and unlocks the hidden data in your supply chain so that you can focus on exceptions. Have expenses, reaction times, service levels, and more, all aggregated across your supply chain.

Supply Chain Experts Providing Additional Service

While our engineers and developers built this first-in-class technology, they were guided by our seasoned supply chain veterans who know what professionals in our industry need to turn their company’s supply chain into a value driver. Those experts work with our clients under our different partnership models as the Lead Logistics Provider, Control Tower, or Digital 4PL. Depending on how your team is structured and the support needed, we can customized the collaboration for maximum efficacy.

Tailored Products for All Supply Chains

Don’t just listen to us when it comes to considering custom supply chain solutions. In forecasting the future of supply chains, McKinsey & Co. writes:

"Tailored products provide optimal value for the customer and help minimize costs and inventory in the supply chain."

Not only do custom solutions bring value to your team internally, your customers and stakeholders internally benefit from the clarity that you gain in your supply chain.

Logward's SCMaaS offering provides the ultimate bespoke experience for your logistics team: a modular suite of products that can be used in any combination, flexible collaboration models for the level of service needed, and multiple pricing options by either subscription, percent of spend, or per shipment.


Back in 2016, Supply Chain Dive wrote about the inevitable marriage of the supply chain and SaaS worlds. In diagnosing the current state, they mention:

"The common tools and processes are not sufficient to effectively manage extended supply chains and globalization’s cost benefits, and the typical “silo optimization” between internal and outsourced SCM functions has a negative impact on end-to-end performance."

Five years later, we are proud to say that the future is here. With Logward, manage your supply chain end-to-end with more clarity and visiblity, bringing all stakeholders into one platform. To continue getting to know Logward, follow us on LinkedIn and try our product freebies.


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