Allocation Management 

Make the best use of available capacity while planning for future demands before potential bottlenecks hit you. Regardless of how many booking agents you use, our allocation management feature ensures you define with whom and where to book and that your plan is being followed. 


Plan and allocate your capacities.


For shippers that ship large volumes and want to identify and solve bottlenecks ahead of time. 


Track underperformance or undersupply of allocated capacity. Meet current needs and use analysis in carrier negotiations to minimize procurement cost. 

Capacity & Demand Planning 

Use our forecast feature to visualize historic volumes (descriptive analysis) and future demand (predictive analysis). Our system informs you about blank sailings or other capacity shortages instantly.

Lead Time & Route Design 

Plan your allocation ahead of time by defining what volumes you want to allocate to which 2PL and 3PL partners. We maintain all service strings, service rotations and schedules including lead times and transshipment ports in our cloud, so you may design your routes accordingly. 

Carrier Performance Evaluation

Use our integrated business intelligence suite to analyze carrier performance; evaluate service levels, schedule reliability and OTIF statistics. Utilize insights in your next negotiations to get the most out of your next tender. 

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