Order Processing

Keep track of single purchase orders and drill down to SKU level whenever you want, for both inbound and outbound orders. Track statuses, efficiently assign purchase orders to transport orders across all modes and collaborate with suppliers and customers to smoothen processes.


Monitor and manage your commercial orders.


For shippers that want to collaborate closer with customers and suppliers. 


Efficiency gains in order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles and increased customer value. 

Next-level collaboration

Improve your customer experience by sharing updates and live tracking of your customer’s orders. For inbound, invite your suppliers to our platform and work on your orders collaboratively. 

Integrated TMS-sync

Increase efficiency by quickly turning purchase orders into transport orders. Create templates and generate packing lists and commercial invoices right out of your orders. Merge different P/Os to one efficient transport. 

Integrated BI-sync

Analyze your supply chain on a SKU-level. Our integrated business intelligence suite breaks down time-to-market insights, cost drivers like transport cost and extra charges. Understand supply and demand of your goods and take your category management to a “predictive” level. 

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