Success Story

A global chemical producer


Global chemical producer
gains control and reduces
late deliveries through 4PL
Control Tower


and monitored


Reduction in
late delivery


Late arrivals
avoided over 6


By using control tower, a globlal chemical company was able to reduce late deliveries by 50% on a shipping volume of 2.376 shipments over the course of 6 months.


A leading chemical manufacturer with a best-in-class range of specialty products operating in 37 countries. Has outsource most of the export funtions to a variety of freight forwarders for the EU to Asia business.


Customer satisfaction and market position at risk of being affected by rising late deliveries. In addition, detention and demurrage charges were mounting because of inaccurate route information and lack of visibility.


Setup a Control Tower focuses on three primary levers. First, use OTIF alerts system to inform operators whenever estimated time of arrival exceeds the customer preferred delivery data, ensuring that the caretaker can drop in and prevent supply chain disruption. Second, compare customer's SAP routing times with actual routing info a enable more accurate information for planning. Lastly, perform  historical and ongoing analysis of carrier and 3PL performance to provide useful intelligence during tender processes and booking high-priority shipments.


Reduction of late deliveries from 25% to 11% over just 6 months covering 2.376 shipments.
This improvement of over 50% has a huge impact on cost, time and customer satisfaction.


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