Sourcing Cloud

Managing your supply and suppliers

Improve stakeholder collaboration

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Bring together suppliers, manufacturers, operations teams, and customers


Align incoming and outgoing purchase orders to consolidate transport


Manage bookings and transport fleets within warehouses and factories


Additional Features

Inbound Order Management​

Collect incoming orders in one central place and process them automatically to final delivery while sharing live updates with customers

Outbound Order Management​

Place orders at Suppliers through our cloud, then manage and transport pending orders mutually with suppliers

Supplier Management​

Choose suppliers to order from: onboard them rapidly, collaborate on pending orders, resolve NC’s, and evaluate performances

Order Consolidation​

Consolidate different Purchase Orders to Transport Orders and save money; automate shipment planning to ensure highest transport efficiency

Order Tracking​

Track orders and be informed about pendings and delays; visualize order processes in our Control Tower and focus on the urgent things

Supplier Integration​

Integrate with suppliers in one place (online or via EDI/API) and streamline and simplify order processes;​ confirm, alter, and comment orders jointly

SKU & Warehouse Integration​

Integrate with Warehouse, Stock, or Inventory management systems via API/EDI to accelerate and simplify order fulfillment

Whitelabel Customer Portal​

Turn our Logward cloud into a customer portal and have customers place orders, following up on them and the respective transports; share order and transport updates, delay reports, and performance evaluation dashboards; turn logistics operations into a value driver by integrating customers into processes