How we serve you

Our industry is full of confusing terms and to make matters worse everyone defines them differently: 2PL, 3PL, 4PL, LLP, NVO, carrier, freight forwarder, broker... 


How does Logward fit in your Supply Chain design? Choose your collaboration model:

Collaboration option A:

Logward is your
Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

Focus on your core competencies and let our customer success team of logistics veterans handle your logistics issues. Enjoy having a single point of contact.


Push and receive information to and from our cloud via API, EDI or browser access while we coordinate all your commercial partners.

Executional ownership is with: Logward


Collaboration option B:

Logward is your
Control Tower Software

Stay in control by ​using Logward as a pure software provider and manage your supply chain on your own. We provide you with Control Tower visibility and a communication channel to all your partners by integrating them via API, EDI or browser.

Executional ownership is with: You


Collaboration option C:

Logward is your
digital 4PL

Stay flexible and continue with your trusted setup by using Logward as a digital 4PL. Your chosen 3PL(s) manage your supply chain for you, using Logward as communication channel.

Executional ownership is with: your nominated 3PL(s)


We integrate all relevant stakeholders of your supply chain - you, your customers, your 3PLs, your 2PLs and customs brokers. Our flexible connectivity features conform to your needs and capabilities:




For any of your stakeholders we provide at least three different ways of integrating with us: API, EDI or and simple web access for those that don't want or need to fully integrate.



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