Procurement Cloud

Managing your Supply Chain costs

Optimize spending on shipping

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Logward Procurement Cloud

Maintain all rates and tenders in one place while also accessing the spot market


Visualize allocated capacity that has been agreed to with carriers in advance


Forecast future needs and spending with less effort and more accurate data


Additional Features

Freight Rate Management​

Maintain, compare, and edit all freight rates for all transport modes in one single, centralized place and have it validating incoming invoices​

Spot Quotes Gathering

Reach out to Freight Forwarders and Carriers and receive freight rates for spot requests to cover peak demand

Freight Tender Management​

Invite partners to participate in a freight tender for all transport modes and select partners for the next tender period

Procurement Scenario Planning​

Automate scenario planning: set freight rate reduction or sustainability targets, simulate performance based on historic experience

Freight Rates Benchmark​

Compare freight rates with what ”the market” negotiated by utilizing market indices to identify saving potential

Allocation & Capacity Management​

Get full transparency about the organization’s bookings (who, what, with whom, from where to where?) and identify bottlenecks early on

Rolling Forecasting​

Integration with Booking Agents​

Share rolling volume forecasts and collaborate with partners to avoid any surprises and reduce rolled shipments or delays

Instruct booking agents on how and where to place bookings to comply with tender commitments

Open Capacity Finder​

Logward’s traffic light system shows instantly where to find open capacity to transport cargo