Our software gives you an end-to-end overview of your supply chain paired with full operational power on the ground. The Control Tower package covers a wide scope, and the 4PLx package provides even more insights and capabilities.

Control Tower

Track Shipments and potential costs such as D&D by utilizing event messages and AIS/GPS data.


Per shipment fee, with no subscription or implementation costs.


4 PLx

Book and manage transports, primarily with existing 3PLs or carriers directly.

Access to all Control Tower features, PLUS:

Per shipment fee, with no subscription or implementation costs.

Service Models

We offer two basic collaboration models depending on your company's needs and preferences. Either operating on your own or letting Logward's logistics experts lead the way, we ensure that our software adds value from day one. 

Logward Caretakers

Our dedicated team of experts is ready to step in and problem-solve, collaborating with any and all stakeholders as needed.

Logward as one-stop-shop

Standard Set-Up

Happy with your current operations? Then your team or your trusted partners can continue handling exceptions while enjoying the reduced workload our automations provide. 

Handle exceptions like you do now

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