We believe in fair and transparent pay-per-use pricing models. Pay only what you need. No base fee. No hidden cost.

Logward Fees: We charge a management fee per delivery order. That's it. No licensing cost. No involvement in freight rates.*

Freight Expenses

Determined by your 2PL/3PL partners. 

Logward can reduce these by:

  • Supporting tender management

  • Cutting extra charges like detention & demurrage

Internal Operations Expenses 

Logward can help optimize your internal cost structure by:

  • Improving and automating processes

  • Integrating external stakeholders



Service Fees for External Agents

Logward can reduce manual effort for your partners by:

  • Improving data quality

  • Integrating external stakeholders

* Logward does not provide freight rate quotations as we are a strictly neutral entity. In case you are looking for a freight rate provider we will happily put you in touch with potential 2PL or 3PL partners.

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