Why we exist.

Welcome to the Logward world. Or rather, welcome to the world, Logward!

We’re finally ready to show our software after about 18 long months of product development. You’ll find details about our Supply Chain Management as a Service offering on the main website, so here we want to tell you more about the why behind what we do.

We want supply chain professionals to lead the transformation of business as we know it, instead of simply transporting it.

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It is no surprise to anyone who reads the news that the business world, and the world in general, are changing, and fast. Climate change, shifting geopolitical dynamics, a looming economic upheaval, social responsibility, and technological disruption are adding to the list of reasons to lose sleep.

Yet as business leaders search to make their enterprises future proof, and society pushes corporations in new directions, the conversation seems to remain in the hands of marketing departments, lawyers, and “cult-of-personality” CEOs.

This doesn’t make sense to us. If companies need to consume less energy, react more quickly to market demands, source better materials more responsibly, and in general, be more agile, shouldn’t supply chain leadership be front and center?

We’ll assume you agree. So, why isn’t this the case?

We think this happens for two reasons, workload and reputation.

Workload: Supply chain professionals are forced to spend too much time worrying about the how and when. Finding transports, communicating with partners, filling-out paperwork, and wrangling messy data all take time away from the why and what of analysis, improvement, and innovation.

Reputation: When supply chain departments invest so much workload in simply getting things delivered, they aren’t able to engage their peers in other departments or partner companies on a strategic level. They remain a department that follows orders. Within the corporate framework, they continue to be regarded as a place for archaic thinking, tight budgets, and outdated technology.

And this is where we believe we can help. With software like ours that both reduces the “busywork” and provides next-level tools for analysis and communication, supply chain departments can become the leaders they should be.

Where do we see ourselves in all of this?

Well, you’ve probably seen technology startups say their vision is some variation of “making the world a better place.” While we certainly admire having big dreams, we don’t think the startup should always be the protagonist.

As a young logistics company, we know our role is simply to enable change.

You, our future customers, are the changemakers. We’re just excited to help.

To learn more about what Supply Chain Management as a Service means, book time with one of our experts for a demo.

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Logward is a Hamburg & Bangalore based logistics technology company.

We build software, move containers, and change mindsets.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, reach out to Or you can book time with one of our logistics experts here.