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October 6, 2022


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Free Container Tracking with Container or Booking Number

We are happy to announce our latest freebie, Container Tracking. It is a simple and intuitive tool that represents a step toward improving the accessibility and accuracy of information for shippers and their customers, and we will tell you more about it below.  

But first, why is such a tool necessary? Well, because when an individual purchasing a toothbrush online has more info about their shipment than a company purchasing a container full of toothbrushes, there is room for improvement.



In the B2C market, you and I can make purchases online and sit back and wait for the "out for delivery" SMS or update before running to look out the window. The same cannot be said in the B2B market, where both shippers, consignees, and their customers oftentimes struggle to receive updates for location, time of departure, estimated time of arrival, and more. This can create all kinds of issues, including mishandled or late deliveries, increased costs due to unplanned fees, frustrated partners, and general inefficiencies.

So, what can we do to help solve the issue? Well, in the long-term it will take a lot of effort in creating industry wide standards, technological adoption, and raising expectations. In the short term, companies like Logward will help by improving data quality and usability, making complex shipments easily understood by anyone who knows how to turn on a computer. With our freebie, we bring together information from a variety of carriers and data sources to provide an easy interface to monitor milestones by entering a container or booking number. In seconds you can see vessel status, updated estimates for loading or unloading, whether the empty container has been returned, and more. With this information at your fingertips, you can quickly improve visibility, take decisions, and maybe even catch-up on sleep. Sweet dreams!


Now, this is just the beginning of the journey with Logward’s tracking and tracing solutions. Our tracking is integrated into our other cloud software features, adding schedules, geolocation, alerts, shareable tracking updates, and human intelligence to ensure improved data quality. With our intuitive visualizations we deliver live location tracking through satellite-captured AIS and make it shareable so your teammates, your customers, or your proud-parents can stay up to date on your containers. When something doesn't look right (a time-stamp from 2013, a vessel traversing Antartica, etc.) our system flags it, and our experts step in to fix it. To learn more about our features and how tracking plays a role, feel free to brows our solutions or reach out to our sales team.

In the meantime, try finding a container, and as always, give us your feedback!

Logward is a Hamburg & Bangalore based logistics technology company.

We build software, move containers, and change mindsets.

If you have any questions or just want to say hi, reach out to mail@logward.com. Or you can book time with one of our logistics experts here.

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