Meet the Logwardians - Silke

As a tech company, we see our engineers and analysts as the people who are often playing with numbers, but we cannot forget about the important work of our finance team! This week, we present you Silke!

Silke Schulze

Hello there, please introduce yourself:

Hey, I’m Silke, I'm 43 years old. In 2004 I did my diploma, similar to a master’s degree in Business Administration today. Eventually, I worked three years in a tax advisory and auditing company with a focus on financial audits while furthering my education to become a professional tax accountant for 1.5 years. Exactly on the final exam day it was my 30th birthday, that’s what I remember pretty well, even though it is some days behind us. In February 2008 I received the official admission to call myself a tax advisor. Afterwards, I worked at a different tax advisory and auditing firm in Hamburg, where I stayed for almost ten years. In 2018 I ultimately decided to be self-employed. I first met Logward in a co-working space where Jonas and I decided to work together. First, I assisted Logward as a freelancer, but since April 2019 I work for Logward permanently as a part time employee and reduced the effort for my own avocational business.

What made you switch from freelance to joining permanently?

I always thought that it would be awesome to manage the accounting in a growing company. What Logwards needs in terms of time is not just for one external tax advisor. Taking care of one entire company is more or less a full-time job. And with the growing of our tech business, the amount of work also grows.

Can you give me an example of what accounting at Logward looks like?

The best-known example, and one of my current tasks, is the annual financial statement. This contains looking at the past year and analyzing the financial situation. I look at the revenues, expenses, and our assets. But, there are some laws that define the frame and process of doing it. The state gives certain guidelines on how to proceed.

I do the annual financial statement on the one side for company purposes, so Logward can track its performance. On the other side, I do it for official legal authorities, including the tax authorities.

Just as logistics, accounting is a super complex field.

Most of the people consider the subject of taxes and accounting as dry and boring. Tax accounting isn't always seen as the most dynamic field... where does your fascination come from?

Accounting is a finite process. That is something I really appreciate and gives me personal fulfilment. For example, the balance of accounts must come out even. If we add and subtract the active and passive components, at the end, we have an immutable result. There is only right or wrong, nothing in between, and it's mostly logical.

Additionally, I work on a variety of tasks such as an accountant’s opinion, monthly financial statements, and consultancy.

So what do you do when you don’t have to fight with numbers?

I try to lay my mobile phone aside. When I am completely by myself, I love gardening. I recently got an earthworm box. I know, it might sound nasty, but actually it’s nothing different than biological waste composting. It is something I use a lot lately.

Why is your self-employment as a tax advisor named “Taxes are Pink”?

Originally, I only had pink sportswear. That's how it started. Then it also became an essential ingredient of my working gadgets like calculator or cups. One day, a friend asked me when I’d finally stand by my favorite color. As a consequence, I integrated the color into my corporate identity. Especially in a business where it is hard to be individualistic, I think I’ve found the proper solution.

You said you like to help people save tax. Do you want to do my return of tax? For free of course!

Good one, I’ve never heard that question before. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to do the return of tax for colleagues. Of course, I like to help others, especially because taxes are so alien to many. But it’s always the balance between business and private. If I’d accept every request, I’d never ever get to gardening again.

Additionally, what I have to say, the tax consultant isn’t necessarily faster at doing the tax refund than the private person doing it themselves, simply because of the missing personal information.

To come to an end, no, I won’t do your tax refund for free. Nice try.

Rapid Fire:

Pop or rock music? Rock music

Summer or winter? Summer

Book or movie? Movie

Clementine or orange? Orange

Numbers or letters? Numbers (Editor’s note: Obviously)


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