Meet the Logwardians - Nico

Are you ready to meet Nico - one of our two summer MBA interns from IESE Barcelona?

Nico Fernando de Cuevas

Hey Nico, please tell us about yourself! Hey, I'm Nico, 30 years old, almost 31. I was born in Madrid. As a child I lived for less than a year in Hamburg, where my father used to work. Afterward, we moved to Madrid, where I spent most of my childhood. I am happy to have joined Logward since I feel that small connection towards Hamburg and Germany. I am married, and I have a one-year old baby who makes my life more fulfilling.

With regards to my career, I have always been a fast learner, somebody who likes almost everything, from history to math, but never really understood what I wanted to become. Instead, the question that I wanted to answer is what does life want from me and what skills do I need to make it happen. This is why I studied law and business administration at ICADE University: to have a positive impact on society. After graduating with Honors, and with the same purpose in mind, I prepared for the State exam to become a Magistrate of the Congress of Spain.

I studied for the exam for two years, and ultimately I failed. Even thought this happens to many people, this was been, to be honest, one of the toughest moments in my life. Of course, it felt disappointing at first; yet, as I look back, it was also a great challenge, and I think that failure transformed me into the person I am today.

After that, I started working in a totally different environment, a tech-startup called Motorflash that develops software services for automotive companies with a mission to optimize their digital marketing strategies. I worked there for five years. In this period, the company grew a lot in terms of employees, revenue, and profit. I am very thankful for my experience at Motorflash not only because of my responsibilities to clients but also because I realized how much I like business and management. One of the best way to sharpen those skills is an MBA and, thus, I prepared the IESE application and got accepted in the Class 2021. I started the MBA in September 2019, and I am looking forward to returning to IESE to finish the second year.

Was it hard for you to get into the MBA program? Yes, indeed! When I was preparing for the MBA, I was living in Lyon (France), where my wife is doing her PhD. Back then, I was working in Spain, so I took a flight every Monday to Spain and returned on Friday. At the same time, I was able to prepare the GMAT, the cover letters, and the recommendation letters. Fortunately, I was accepted to IESE's MBA, one of

the top schools.

How is life as MBA student? The MBA experience at IESE is challenging from the beginning. Not only because of the courses and the rhythm of study but also because of the incredibly smart peers surrounding you. Once you step in, it feels like a rollercoaster, with lots of ups and downs, deadlines, events happening, etc. I look back to my first year and see that I have grown so much professionally and personally that I can only be grateful.

Then tell us how you ended up at Logward for your summer internship:

After preparing very hard, and doing a lot of interviews for the Summer Internship, I received various offers and, finally, I decided to accept Logward because of three main reasons: first, it's a growing tech company, second it's in supply chain, a sector which I find very interesting because of its complexity and the huge business potential, and, finally because I was going to be working together with the CEO and the CCO. Logward was a company that really stood out. From the very beginning, from the briefing of the job position to each and every interview and conversation I had with the team, I fell in love with Logward.

And what exactly do you do at Logward? I work in Business Strategy & Development, which encompasses so many fields of work that it is hard to tell. Right from the start, the CEO and the CCO told me that there are no bad questions and that I would be able to form part of team projects and even initiate projects I thought would add value. After understanding the product and the business model, I started reaching out to clients and experts in the supply chain and logistics domain, showing them our platform, always open to their feedback. In fact, from the clients' feedback, I understood that it would be great to offer them data on the CO2 emissions caused by their transports. Thus, I started doing some research about it, and now, I am currently working on implementing a solution in this regard. In addition to this, I am working on the automation of workflows within the sales operations. Finally, together with my colleague Alex, we defined an inbound marketing plan, and we have started to implement it.

What do you especially like at Logward?

I like all the around the team. I feel very comfortable working here. There is a sense of transparency and openness at Logward; everybody knows what the others are working on. If you want to get involved in a given topic and make your mark, you're encouraged to do so. Besides the challenges and opportunities, I also like the flexibility. For example, this week, I could fly to Spain to be with my family while working remotely. Finally, I believe in the product and industry; what we are doing here at Logward helps our clients solve a gap that clients have not only in gaining visibility but also in improving their supply chain management. I see the huge potential of the business and company. And I want to be part of it.

Nico Fernando de Cuevas

Describe yourself in three adjectives: Trustworthy, curious, disciplined.

What do you find motivating/ inspiring?

What inspires me is to form part of building and managing a company that solves the client's problems. If a company achieves that and puts the client at its epicenter, you will serve a purpose and get revenue, no matter what. I am also motived by working together with other people and helping them grow professionally. Through work, I would say that I become my true self in every aspect, as I am capable of working hard, collaborate with others, learn from others, and exercise the values that I need to become the person that I want to be. As with everybody else, there are good and bad days, but with an excellent team, such as Logward's, you can basically navigate through them and arrive at the port.

Then, what does teamwork mean to you?

Teamwork is a word that is easy to say but hard to exercise. I am a person that likes to know about many things, and teamwork is basically about delegating responsibilities and trusting your colleagues. As the proverb says, "if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." At Logward, teamwork is one of the things I am enjoying the most.

How do you stay structured?

This is a great question. I am always looking for tips to improve my organization and efficiency. I structured my life in the following ways: I divide the world into three aspects: professional, personal, and social. In each of them, I try to list down the things I have to do or I would like to do, and then, I think of it on a day-to-day, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

In this regard, I limit myself to one to three things, because I really want to do them, and I want to do them well. This to be said, I think our daily meeting in the morning to talk about what we do over the day is very useful. Even though I hate to talk about my tasks.

What do you do in your free time? Mainly, I like spending time with my family. Also, I enjoy doing sports. I currently practice surfing and calisthenics. Both exercises help me relax but also think about my goals and find motivation. I really enjoy it. Some time ago, I used to play football and do boxing; however, it is nearly impossible to maintain regular training due to traveling.

Nico Fernando de Cuevas

What’s your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is that my wife becomes an amazing professor in the world of Academia, and also that we have a big family house with a garden. From a professional standpoint, I would like to see Logward grow and become a big company, extending its values through the freight industry and helping supply chains become the value driver. Sometimes I

imagine myself old, looking back, and I would like to see that I have put all my heart to positively contribute to the lives of the people that I encountered.

What did you want to become as a child? A firefighter. Because I found firefighters were strong, agile, and also have the purpose of protecting our homes and cities. I also wanted to become an inventor. When I was a kid, I always made drawings of different random things, such as machines and transportation modes. I remember one time I made a drawing about a motorcycle that would be safe to drive.

If you could ship goods for one famous person, which person would it be and why?

That is a hard question. If it's ok, I would slightly rebuild the question and say that I would ship all the major political leaders, like Trump, Merkel, etc. to the Dalai Lama, so that they make a spiritual retreat, get together and realize that the world is not for one or another country, but for everybody and that there is a way to build it together.

Rapid Fire: Cat or dog? Dog Morning or Evening? Morning Summer or winter? Summer Hot chocolate or coffee? Chocolate

Book or Movie? Movie


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