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August 3, 2022


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Meet the Logwardians - Maria

Today we’re chatting with a member of our sales team, Maria. She discusses the sales industry, explains her interest in logistics, and gives us a glimpse of her life outside of work.

Hi Maria, tell us something about yourself and what you did before Logward.

I come from Colombia. After my university studies in business and management, I moved to China in order to learn how to speak Mandarin and get exposure to production sites. In China, I worked for a trading company, which exports garments and accessories to Colombia. While there, I got very interested in logistics and realized that I liked logistics more than trading. This was the industry I wanted to work in. Then I got a job at a freight forwarder in Hong Kong, where I was selling freight rates. However, when I started working in logistics, I was also dreaming of a move to Europe. So when I felt like I had gathered enough experience in logistics, I started looking for a job in Europe, and I was searching mostly in Germany.

How exactly did you find out about Logward, and why did you choose it?

It’s not the usual story of a job offer found on a job search site, and I think that it is actually interesting how I ended up learning about Logward. It all started by connecting with Alex, our Head of Marketing, on Facebook. I posted in a "Hispanohablantes en Hamburgo" group that I was looking for a job in logistics, and then we started talking. We realized that my experience would be a good fit for the company, and on my side, Logward was the perfect opportunity to fulfill my increasing interest in technology and supply chain. By working at Logward I could have combined my background in logistics with something new for me, technology, especially because I think supply chain can benefit so much from technology.

We know you are part of the sales team, but can you tell us what you do, in more detail, at Logward.

As a sales representative, I’m responsible for introducing more people to Logward and getting in touch with potential customers. So, I think of the best ways to reach this goal. In my daily job, I'm also always coordinating with the other members of the sales team and with the marketing team. Together we choose the best strategies and tactics to reach companies who could benefit from using Logward for their logistics operations, which means understanding companies' needs. This implies a lot of research, too. Anyway, I don’t just connect with potential customers, I also keep in touch with our existing ones.

You said you worked in sales before Logward. Have you always wanted to work in this function?

Correct, my first experience in the sales industry was in Hong Kong, when I was selling freight rates. But when I was studying, I would have never imagined that I would work in sales. I was never interested in it. Not my thing. Then when I began working, I started meeting people in sales, and they caught my attention. Sales sounded interesting and engaging. So, I started wondering about trying sales, and this is why I went for it.

How different is it selling a product like Logward from selling freight rates?

I now see the main difference in the fact that the current supply chain crisis has made selling freight rates more challenging than when I was doing that and, in a way, worse. However, this crisis hasn’t affected much the selling process of a product like Logward, which can, in fact, help other companies navigate the crisis.

How would you explain and sell Logward to your grandma?

[smiling – not an easy task] I would tell her that using Logward is like being able to organize kitchen utensils and supplies on different shelves and cupboards, and always know where things are and when it’s best to use your groceries to avoid buying extra, and save money. Logward is like a grandma – it knows where everything is and can also recommend you the best way to use what you already have.

Can you shortly describe a great salesperson?

Successful salespeople must be confident about their own skills, but always willing to learn more from their customers. And very important, they must be honest people.

What have you learnt about sales since you started working at Logward?

Selling is always more difficult than expected, you must be very motivated, but I believe that it is also one of the most gratifying experiences you can make in a job.

Speaking of motivation, what motivates you at work?

My biggest motivation is my team, but also my wish to be part of Logward for the long-term.

Can you tell us something about your work style?

I tend to improvise a lot, but this is just how I get things (or 'ship') done. Anyways, I actually would like to improve my organizational skills.

What do you find demotivating at work?

I think that a monotonous job can quickly become demotivating, but that’s not my case, because my days are always so different from each other.

Maria in Germany

Maria enjoying some good German beer

Now something more about yourself outside of the office. What do you do in your free time?

I enjoy reading, mostly novels, thrillers, and drama. On weekends, I like a refreshing walk in the woods, as well as going out for drinks. I also love travelling, and one of my favorite countries is Vietnam - its nature and food are exceptional.

How do you like to end your day?

My perfect end-of-the-day activity is sitting on the couch with a book and a cup of hot tea.

What’s your favorite spot in Hamburg?

I don’t have one yet, I need to explore more before choosing my favorite spot. [She’s open to recommendations from readers].

Rapid Fire:

Sweet or salty? Sweet

Dogs or cats? Dogs

Early bird or night owl? Early bird

Jogging or cycling? Jogging

Spring or autumn? Autumn

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