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August 19, 2022


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Meet the Logwardians - Manjunath

In this interview, Manjunath, Lead QA Engineer at Logward, shares his professional background and contributions to building our cloud platform. He also provides insight on the importance of a clean and neat household.


What did you do before joining Logward?

For two years I worked in a gaming studio as a Quality Assurance Lead.


How did you find out about Logward? And why did you decide to apply?

I had worked with Hari, CTO at Logward, for about two years in a gaming studio and after that we kept in touch. So, when the QA position at Logward opened, I got to know about it, and I found the opportunity to work in the software industry and at Logward amazing. The learning curve in the gaming industry, from a technical point of view, was becoming stagnant, and I was already considering switching to software. I didn’t want to miss this great opportunity, and in April 2021, I started at Logward.


What exactly does QA do at Logward?

I lead the team of Quality Assurance Engineers. We certify the quality of the existing product and new product launches. This means that testing the product in the Alpha, Integration, and Beta phases. QA is involved from the very beginning of the feature development, allowing the team to provide insights earlier on and develop product knowledge.  


You worked in Quality Assurance also in the gaming industry. Are there some similarities in this role between the gaming and logistics technology industries?  

Technically, there are very few similarities, mostly the client server architecture and the release process of the product. Both products are software, but at Logward there are many challenges to maintain the quality, and we use different tools for testing. The approaches in maintaining the quality are the main difference between the two industries.


Why is QA important at Logward?

Quality Assurance is a very basic need for every software company because software without testing is not software. Similarly, QA is extremely important for a logistics technology company like Logward in order to make sure that the system behaves according to user stories (system requirements), without any errors, and ultimately reaches the customer error-free after going through multiple testing phases.


What do you find challenging about your job?

We usually have the release of some parts of the product, and some of these releases have major updates, making them a challenge - maintaining the quality with a bunch of changes is not an easy task. However, we make this possible by regressively testing the new parts in the software to be released. In the end, it contributes to how well we serve our customers and how smooth it is to use Logward.


If you could do something else at Logward, in which team would you like to work? And why?

I would like to be a Product Manager someday. My QA experience provides a good understanding of end users and the development, testing, and releasing of the product.


What is one hobby that you are not pursuing now but that you would like to start?

I would like to restart managing my Bikers Club, which shut down because of Covid. Also, I would like to take up pencil sketching again.


How do you like to spend your weekends?

On weekends I like to travel to nearby places and keep the house clean and neat. I love to spend time with my wife and family, and be a helping hand to them. I also like to meet with my friends.


If you weren’t living in India, in which country would you be living and why?

I would love to live in Switzerland, because of its soothing nature and its peace.

QA Lead Manjunath


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