Meet The Logwardians — Lukas

We’re back to introduce you to Lukas Möller, one of our software developers and project managers.

Lukas Möller

I know you Lukas, but tell the world about yourself:

Let’s see…I’m 25 years old, born and raised (and still living) in Bochum. During the day (and sometimes night) I’m a back-end software engineer and project manager. At the age of 7 or 8, I started writing HTML and never stopped. That’s not to say that the scope of applications and programming languages hasn’t changed over the years. I like to learn a new language each year and I completed the IT specialist qualification at the age of 18. Before I joined Logward I worked for a company providing custom software for companies in the automotive and industrial sectors.

You finished the IT specialist degree and training by 18? How?

Basically, I taught myself everything out of sheer curiosity before starting the degree. In my earlier years I tried everything I could get my hands on just for fun. For example, I wrote Wallhacks and Aimbots (Gamers know) for Counterstrike. However, I never used them in public games as that would be cheating…

I was just interested in reverse engineering and bypassing security, and writing those hacks were a lot of fun as it can change so much in the game. This was actually an experience that taught me a lot about security. I eventually turned my focus to databases, writing applications for my own needs and experiments even then. Back then I used a lot of C++, VB.NET, C#, JS, Lua and Python.

Tell us more about what do you do at Logward?

I’m a project manager for our software development, and sometimes jump in as a software engineer myself. Basically, I’m trying to keep our boat afloat…

No, but seriously, there’s a thin line between software engineering and project management. I’m still into development, software architecture and software design, but also need to have a look from outside the box so the project gets planned properly and finished in-time as required. In short, I try to identify problems and implement a suitable solution.

Can you give us an example for a project you have led in the past?

The latest example would be our tracking system. When a company ships a container from A to B, we (or the customer) can follow the voyage and the transportation events. This means, based on the unique container or booking number, we can keep the customer informed about the status and location of the goods. We achieve this by requesting information from the systems of other transport stakeholders and incorporating into our database alongside real-time satellite information. Once there we can push information to the client and display in our UI.

In this project my role as a project manager was dynamic. I led the project, distributed tasks, but also wrote code.

Is the aspect of working “independently” a reason why you have chosen Logward?

Yes, amongst other benefits. What I like at Logward on the one hand is the relaxed and friendly working atmosphere. With most young companies you imagine a burning house where everyone is under huge pressure to firefight. That’s not the case with Logward. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work to do, but it’s not emotionally stressing for me.

Moreover, I work from home, not only during the Covid-19 crisis, but since the beginning. This means I can avoid long traffic hours, meet my friends and family easier, cook when I want to, etc. That’s pretty nice and I really appreciate the company being flexible.

Another aspect I really like is that we’re pretty democratic. Everyone can participate in a project and share their voice. We try to make sure the best ideas get heard and transferred into practice, not the one that speaks the loudest or has the authority. And finally, yes, I can code projects as I want, not how a manual dictates.

Lukas Möller
Our “interview,” like so many conversations, over video chat. Nice shirt to drapes color coordination!

How does the logistics sector challenge you?

The logistics industry is very traditional and conservative and making changes takes longer than we’d like sometimes. Something particularly challenging is the huge amount of information and the sheer variety of data quality, formats, and nomenclatures. In a way making sense of this data is one of the biggest ways we help clients. I’m certainly not the only one who finds this challenging!

In a more romantic sense, it’s satisfying to work in the logistics sector where what we do really makes a difference and produces an added value for our customers. Our software has an impact on how and when goods move around the world and we help companies understand newer and more efficient ways to operate. In the long run we hope that this translates to reducing emissions and waste, something I would be really happy to see.

Had you come in contact with logistics before joining Logward?

To be honest, not at all. I mean I ordered things online and that’s it, and I had kind of assumed the experience for companies would be similar. So I was honestly shocked to learn that consumers can keep track of a toothbrush they order from e-commerce but big companies know very little about their cargo. The logistics industry hasn’t really undergone a technological transformation since the 80’s, and the EDI standard is old-fashioned and implicitly needs to be digitized. But that’s what I love to do: attack a problem that has a lot of upside and see the fruits.

Let’s get personal. How about you describe yourself in three words?

Loyal, reliable, and helpful.

What do you find motivational or inspiring?

Music, films, and nature. Long conversations. Interchange of knowledge. Meditation.

What does teamwork mean to you?

For me teamwork means using the skills of every single person involved to find a proper solution together. Especially as a project manager, teamwork is essential. We have weekly meetings, work with Jira and Confluence to define tasks and to document our work. We plan, discuss, and chat a lot. So, I would say communication is really the key.

For example, onboarding our latest customer took great teamwork. Of course, it sometimes means a lot of work and a few late nights, but this also results in an outcome we can be proud of. To summarize it I would say open discussion, mutual respect, and sympathy leads to proper teamwork.

Lukas Möller
Lukas probably thinking of new ways to hack video games.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Uff, I do a lot of things! First, I love making music, and I play guitar and keyboard. Of course writing software is also a hobby. This means I am really blessed to have my hobby as a job.

When I am not working for Logward I work on a handful of software projects. Apart from that, I simply love getting outside, bouldering, and watching films or series. I also love being creative with things such as 3D modelling, 3D printing, photography, and sometimes gaming.

Tell us more about 3D-Modelling?

For example, I am currently building an alarm clock with a custom design, display configuration and special light effects. I often build functional things like this for myself. Really anything and everything that comes to my mind.

Okay before you will be released (logistics reference…), you need to answer a few more short questions…

What’s your biggest dream?

I don’t think that I have a huge dream. I simply strive for a happy life. Currently I am working towards buying a house. In all other aspects I follow a simple philosophy: I just do what I want to do. Tomorrow is different day.

What did you want to become as a child?

Police officer.

If you could transport goods for one famous person, who would it be and what would you transport?

I’d send a load of developers to help Gabe Newell complete Half-Life. Would even send three containers full.

If you could be one computer game, which game would it be and why?

I’d probably be Star Citizen, just to fly in the outer space. That would be sick.

Rapid Fire:

Series or film? Films

Android or IOS? Android

Notes on phone or paper? Paper

Apple or banana? Apple

Book or audio? Audio


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