Meet the Logwardians - Arun

Meet Arun, one of our new Product Managers. He talks to us about entrepreneurship, his love of travel, and taking Logward to the moon...

Arun Chandra

Teach us a lesson: What is one thing that you have learned as a product manager?

If I had the idea to integrate outer space shipments into our platform for whatever reason, I shouldn’t even propose this to the tech team, because obviously it’s unattainable. This to be said, utopian imaginations and empty words don't bring anyone further.

Going to the moon is on hold for now, got it. Can you give me an example of a more attainable feature that you managed in the recent past?

When it comes to the usability of our software, colleagues from the operational side consult me to see if we could provide our software in German. This would mean a better user experience for our German customers and potentially improving sales. I then organized the translation of the codes, which meant both technical effort and lots of texting.

How do you prioritize new features?

The evaluation of a new feature depends on various considerations: effort, resource availability, and the greater impact the feature will have. For example, translating our software into German is not that much effort, and its impact creates a proper user experience. Whereas integrating LCL into our software potentially affects all customers, which surely adds an economic value, but is a lot more work to be done.

shipment booking data
Just an excerpt of translated codes. And now imagine doing that for an entire software...

Interesting! So, to sum this up, if you had to explain product management to a stranger in one sentence:

A product manager incorporates new features, fixes bugs and solves issues on the technical end.

Very concise. Now let’s take a step back and tell us about how you got here.

Eight years ago, I began as a typical back-end engineer and went to several tech firms like Amazon or Ola. Eventually, I co-founded InstaHire, a technology platform that bridged the gap between the local hospitality staff and employers with relevant skills. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as thought, but it was a great experience as well as my foray into product management. As a founder, I got away from coding and started managing tasks and projects.

Why Logward?

First, I was amazed by the effort Logward made. No exhausting back-and-forth, little bureaucracy, and strong conviction. Additionally, I was happy to work with so many young and talented people sharing the same goal and passion. Finally, the structure of the company was to my taste – I like flat hierarchies and a visible impact.

How do you like it so far?

I’m super happy to be here. I miss being in the office and interacting with my colleagues/friends. As a product manager, it’s essential to work closely together and to build a relation. I haven’t met the guys personally yet, which is a pity. But luckily, we integrated good structures to maintain communication. I learned that you can 100% act as a team whilst working remotely.

And outside of work, what else do you like to do?

Every year I pick a new country to visit. Amongst others I’ve visited Sri Lanka, Thailand, and The United Kingdom. Great adventures! In this regard, I’m really looking forward to visit Team Germany in Hamburg. With that, I always try to stay in touch with current affairs. It’s just like product management: you must be aware of your environment and what is happening behind the screen.

And how have you closed the year 2020?

New Year’s Eve I celebrated with some friends. We cooked a lot of food, played cards, had some drinks, and watched fireworks. An easy night.

Maybe a New Year’s Resolution? Do you have some?

Definitely not. I don’t have any kind of resolutions. I mean if you want to change anything, just go for it. No need to wait until the next year.

Rapid Fire:

Reality or Fiction? Reality

Train or Bus? Train

Rustic or Modern? Modern

Spring or Fall? Spring

Firefighters or Police officers? Firefighters


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