Finding an edge, Initiative2029.

In his seminal work, “The Art of War” Chinese strategist Sun Tzu argued:

“Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.”

Over the years much of Tzu’s philosophy around handling “enemies” and leveraging “deception” to fight “battles” has been incorporated into the world of business (and a fair number of instagram profiles.)

While surely proponents of this warlike approach find it useful, there are a growing number of companies taking exactly the opposite mindset, bringing full transparency into their operations and plans in a spirit of collaboration.

Tesla famously made all of their patents open source, betting that sharing their information would aid the general sustainable transport movement while also looking good from a marketing perspective. Many top technology companies, including Uber, Twitter, Instagram, and more openly discuss their “tech stack” and the choices and trade-offs that went into creating them.

Another growing trend of this “open movement” is companies, both public and private, sharing their forward-looking strategies and perspectives on the next 5–10 years.

Over the last year we’ve seen a number of very interesting documents released by entities large and small focused on one date in particular, 2030:

Throughout the last few months we’ve been thinking a lot about these and other initiatives and wondering how to apply an ambitious long-term approach to Logward.

But to be honest, we kept coming back to the question, why 2030? After doing some research, we realized it wasn’t related to anything structural or unique to the year itself.

Instead it’s because our entire society is built on a base-10 numbering system, and as creatures of habit, even the smartest business minds find comfort in clean, round numbers.

Realizing this was the first step in creating (what we think is) a clever strategy to gain a competitive edge. While the rest of the business world is aiming towards 2030, we will be contrarian:

We are going to aim for 2029, and be one entire year ahead of the competition. All our initiatives, growth plans, market entries, and product roadmaps, are going to be happening ahead of the curve.

It’s seems so simple, but somehow no-one has thought about simply getting everything done sooner! Sometimes the oldest wisdom is the best: “The early bird gets the worm.”

Initially we were taking a Sun Tzu approach, keeping our Initiative2029 a secret even within our own team, quietly working out the finer details under the cover of darkness.

Yet we’ve come to feel that such secrecy is not in our nature. We’re a group of open, friendly, and collaborative people, and keeping this under wraps didn’t sit right. We want to be as outward facing as the companies listed above.

So today, April 1st, 2020, we are making our game changing idea public.

Please have a look at Logward’s Initiative2029, and let us know what you think!

And stay happy and healthy in these trying times.


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