Performance Analytics

Our system captures valuable data on your supply chain, on your behalf. Our integrated business intelligence enables you to track and analyze deviations, detention & demurrage charges, response times, carrier and provider performance, and more.


An integrated business intelligence platform to turn your data into insight.


For shippers that want to unleash the potential of their data.


Measure cost and performance, identify areas for improvement, and even predict supply needs. Share results, dashboards, and analyses with stakeholders.

Control Tower service

Focus on transport exceptions needing human intervention through a Control Tower overview. Our system automates as much as we can but exceptions such as missing booking confirmations, missing milestone feedback (e.g. “shipment departed”) and unexpected expenses will still occur.

Detention & Demurrage radar 

Understand in a comprehensive dashboard where you currently burn money and how you can improve. Our Detention & Demurrage radar shows you how much free time you actually need and which of your shipments are running into extra cost. 

Business Intelligence suite 

From performance evaluation to predictive (and in some cases even prescriptive) analytics; our business intelligence aggregates insights on data reliability, service performance, re-work ratios, non-conformances, financial data, and more, completely customizable to your needs.

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