Partnership Models

Every supply chain needs people to guide ship alongside their advanced software tools. For this, we offer three basic collaboration models depending on your needs, whether you have your own experts, existing trusted transport partners, or a need for hands-on support.

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Collaboration option A:

Logward LLP Partnership

Logward is your
Lead Logistics Provider (LLP)

Focus on your core competencies and let our customer success team of logistics veterans handle your logistics issues. Enjoy having a single point of contact.


Push and receive information to and from our cloud via API, EDI or browser access while we coordinate all your commercial partners.

Executional ownership is with: Logward

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Collaboration option B:

Logward is your
Control Tower Software

Stay in control by ​using Logward as a pure software provider and manage your supply chain on your own. We provide you with Control Tower visibility and a communication channel to all your partners by integrating them via API, EDI or browser.

Executional ownership is with: You

Logward Control Tower Partnership
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Collaboration option C:

Logward 4PL Partnership

Logward is your
digital 4PL

Stay flexible and continue with your trusted setup by using Logward as a digital 4PL. Your chosen 3PL(s) manage your supply chain for you, using Logward as communication channel.

Executional ownership is with: your nominated 3PL(s)

Custom Pricing

Our pricing is flexible because our solution is tailored to your company's needs. It depends first on selecting products from our modular software and a partnership model. From there, we offer at least these three options based on your preferences:

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Per Shipment

monthly subscription icon

Monthly Subscription

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% of freight spend

For your custom quote, schedule time to chat with one of our supply chain experts.



We integrate all relevant stakeholders of your supply chain - you, your customers, your 3PLs, your 2PLs and customs brokers. Our flexible connectivity features conform to your needs and capabilities:

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For any of your stakeholders we provide at least three different ways of integrating with us: API, EDI or and simple web access for those that don't want or need to fully integrate.