Supply Chain Management as a Service

We offer “Supply Chain Management as a Service”. Our full list of features enables you to manage your operations from end-to-end, giving you as little or as much support as you need.

Monitor, track and manage your transport orders collaboratively with your service providers.


Transport Management 

Automate processing of FCL, LCL, air and overland shipments by using Logward either as an agile TMS or as a complement to your existing TMS.Based on your commercial agreements with your partners, open capacities, schedules, and your clients’ capabilities we automate route planning, transport booking and customs clearance for you.  


Agile TMS to process your shipments with 3PLs and carriers.


Shippers that want to collaborate with all their partners in a single interface. 


Simplify and automate processes, reduce errors, improve data quality, and save time. 


We fully integrate with your stakeholders. Check airfreight and ocean schedules, place bookings and receive confirmations, amendments, and status updates via electronic interface. We can receive interface directly with your and even your 
customers’ ERPs. 

Live Tracking

All your shipments will be supervised by our live GPS & milestone tracking system. We check wether your shipment really gets loaded onto the right truck, vessel, or airplane. Once it’s been loaded we provide you with live GPS updates and predicted ETA. 

Cash Control 

We use Machine Learning OCR Software to automate your incoming invoice auditing. Turn your invoices into data objects and compare them to your commercial agreements and accrued expenses per shipment. Leave manual auditing behind and improve invoice accuracy. 

Rate Management 

Upload and manage your rate agreements, regardless of format, and even run your tenders for Airfreight, FCL, LCL, Overland and Tank container. You decide where to procure (2PLs, 3PLs, or carriers) and whom to share your rates with. Bury those old Excel sheets and focus on what really matters. 


Upload, manage and search freight rates, depot charges and detention & demurrage tariffs.


For shippers that want to have centralized and flexible procurement. 


Improved quality and accessibility of data, saving time and providing transparency and shareability for logistics and procurement teams. 

Tender Management Support

By running your tenders through our platform, you will reduce data transformation effort by enforcing your own rate structure standards. Compare and award partners right through our platform. 

Procure-to-Pay sync

Ensure end-to-end compliance; our software will automatically accrue transport expenses according to your commercial agreements. This serves as basis for incoming invoice checks to ensure your expenses meet plan.

Full design flexibility 

Regardless of which procurement approach you choose, our system supports you. Whether you procure with 2PLs/carriers directly or with 3PLs/NVOs, go for “DOOR/DOOR” rates or separate legs, choose long-term or short-term rates, we can make it easier for you.

Allocation Management 

Make the best use of available capacity while planning for future demands before potential bottlenecks hit you. Regardless of how many booking agents you use, our allocation management feature ensures you define with whom and where to book and that your plan is being followed. 


Plan and allocate your capacities.


For shippers that ship large volumes and want to identify and solve bottlenecks ahead of time. 


Track underperformance or undersupply of allocated capacity. Meet current needs and use analysis in carrier negotiations to minimize procurement cost. 

Capacity & Demand Planning 

Use our forecast feature to visualize historic volumes (descriptive analysis) and future demand (predictive analysis). Our system informs you about blank sailings or other capacity shortages instantly.

Lead Time & Route Design 

Plan your allocation ahead of time by defining what volumes you want to allocate to which 2PL and 3PL partners. We maintain all service strings, service rotations and schedules including lead times and transshipment ports in our cloud, so you may design your routes accordingly. 

Carrier Performance Evaluation

Use our integrated business intelligence suite to analyze carrier performance; evaluate service levels, schedule reliability and OTIF statistics. Utilize insights in your next negotiations to get the most out of your next tender. 

Order Management 

Keep track of single purchase orders and drill down to SKU level whenever you want, for both inbound and outbound orders. Track statuses, efficiently assign purchase orders to transport orders across all modes and collaborate with suppliers and customers to smoothen processes.


Monitor and manage your commercial orders.


For shippers that want to collaborate closer with customers and suppliers. 


Efficiency gains in order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles and increased customer value. 

Next-level collaboration

Improve your customer experience by sharing updates and live tracking of your customer’s orders. For inbound, invite your suppliers to our platform and work on your orders collaboratively. 

Integrated TMS-sync

Increase efficiency by quickly turning purchase orders into transport orders. Create templates and generate packing lists and commercial invoices right out of your orders. Merge different P/Os to one efficient transport. 

Integrated BI-sync

Analyze your supply chain on a SKU-level. Our integrated business intelligence suite breaks down time-to-market insights, cost drivers like transport cost and extra charges. Understand supply and demand of your goods and take your category management to a “predictive” level. 

Performance Management 

Our system captures valuable data on your supply chain, on your behalf. Our integrated business intelligence enables you to track and analyze deviations, detention & demurrage charges, response times, carrier and provider performance, and more.


An integrated business intelligence platform to turn your data into insight.


For shippers that want to unleash the potential of their data.


Measure cost and performance, identify areas for improvement, and even predict supply needs. Share results, dashboards, and analyses with stakeholders.

Control Tower service

Focus on transport exceptions needing human intervention through a Control Tower overview. Our system automates as much as we can but exceptions such as missing booking confirmations, missing milestone feedback (e.g. “shipment departed”) and unexpected expenses will still occur.

Detention & Demurrage radar 

Understand in a comprehensive dashboard where you currently burn money and how you can improve. Our Detention & Demurrage radar shows you how much free time you actually need and which of your shipments are running into extra cost. 

Business Intelligence suite 

From performance evaluation to predictive (and in some cases even prescriptive) analytics; our business intelligence aggregates insights on data reliability, service performance, re-work ratios, non-conformances, financial data, and more, completely customizable to your needs.

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