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Our Story

We have come a long way and can proudly say that we built a product that is unique in the market. Logward is the benchmark when it comes to offering “Supply Chain Management as a Service”.


We are a software company run by supply chain experts and top rate developers. Tracing our roots to the school of freight forwarding, we strive to use cutting-edge technology for solving the industry's problems and complexities. With that said, we know that human intelligence and hard work makes it all come together. 

Since our founding in 2018, we’ve focused on building a team of people who are not only talented, but fundamentally good and fun to work with. Even though we're a diverse team of more than 40 Logwardians between Germany and India, we remain committed to our core values.

Our Values

The best decisions are made with full visibility and transparent communication. We enable our clients to have this in their supply chains and build our business the same way.


Everything we do affects people. We should ensure that from end-to-end, our organization is making life better for the people we impact.


As people and professionals, we should seek to learn and improve. Growth means zero complacency and becoming a better version of yourself.


We thrive off of the experiences of industry experts and respect the thousands of years of commerce that brought us to this moment in time.


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Our company rests on inventing new ways to solve old problems, and we strive to bring this to our every day work.


Check out our blog! In addition to talking about important supply chain themes, every two weeks we interview one of our team members.

Because everything in motion is better with music, listen along with us. Follow Captain Hubert on Spotify and tune in to his legendary Port2Port playlists.

Meet the Team

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